Thursday, January 24, 2008

WCH Weekend Preview

Thursday Night Pre-Game Movie:
National Lampoon's: Pucked. Of all the movies in the world about hockey, this film is of them. The movie stars Jon Bon Jovi and Bud Bundy. That's about all you need to know.

Friday Afternoon Pre-Game Song:
Everyday I'm Hustlin' by Rick Ross. I think Katt Williams was right. If they played this song in grocery stores, I would buy everything in the store.

Games I'd Want to See If I Had Unlimited Funds:
Minnesota at Wisconsin. Even if both teams aren't their strongest this year, both teams are definitely going to bring it for this series, which should make for some very entertaining hockey. Also, an 8-point swing last weekend(BG's sweep, ND's getting swept), made this weekends series between Bowling Green and Notre Dame a lot more interesting. A nice weekend by the pesky Falcons could upset the CCHA's "Big Four, Non-existant Eight" paradigm.

Controversial Play That a WCHA Official Will Probably Screw-Up:
There's a WCHA ref suspended this weekend. In the words of Barry Zuckerkorn, "It's never the ones you hope."

Cliche Arena Song of the Week:
Three Blind Mice. I think a big reason why the NCAA moved to a two-ref system is so they didn't have to hear this song any more.

Picks to Click

Forward: Andy Miele, Miami
Defense: Chay Genoway, North Dakota
Goalie: Shane Connelly, Wisconsin
Apples to Apples Card: Deer Hunting

Something to Watch on Saturday Afternoon:
Is $10,000 worth humiliating yourself by opening for the world's worst blogger? I always thought Margaret Cho wouldn't have a career in comedy if she wasn't Asian and a woman. Now I don't know what to think.

Pre/Post-Game Meal of the Week:
Food Network's Guy Fieri recently profiled Blimpy's in Ann Arbor. Alas, nobody went with the fried egg on their burger and a little piece of me died.

Arena Food of the Week:
Forest Lake's Maroon and Gold Arena, notoriously one of the Twin Cities' coldest rinks, serves Cup o'Noodles at their concession stand.

Wisdom of Michael Scott
: "I'm an early bird... And, I'm a night owl. So I'm wise, and, I have worms."

Predictions For You Compulsive Gambling-Types That Have to Bet

I think there can only be one prediction this week. Take it away, MZone Baby.


Anonymous said...

seriously chris, i gotta ask. as a fan of your site i have found myself repeatedly muttering - "does this guy have a job?".

just curious...

Anonymous said...

Margaret Cho's ace in the hole, as it were, is that she is a lesbian. That is the reason she is still around. Hits the veritable trifecta:Asian, female and a lesbian. Being funny definitely isn't part of the equation.

One term that will never apply to any lesbian: Happy go lucky.

Q:How many lesbians does it take to change a lightbulb?

Anonymous said...

doug woog is the biggest boner in the league. listen to that idiot.

Mr. Obvious said...

Hey 9:24: Heard about the Lindbergh baby?

9:24 said...

nice. it pains my ears to listen to that dbag.