Thursday, January 24, 2008

ECHL All-Stars

DJ Powers from the website Hockey's Future is in Stockton, California covering this year's ECHL all-star game, and sat down with a couple former college players for interviews.

She interviewed former Minnesota goalie Kellen Briggs, as well as former Minnesota State forward Travis Morin.


Cristen said...

Nice interview with Travis. I still can't believe a player like him is stuck in the ECHL. Hopefully they come to their senses soon and move him up!

Anonymous said...

He'll move up when he can prove he's a top 6 AHL forward and can supplant one of the guys Hershey has there right now and that's going to be hard with Motzko, Gordon, Bourque, Joudrey, Wilson, Potulny, Clymer and Fehr on that squad.