Sunday, February 11, 2007

NCAA Tourney Projections

Here are Matt Latham's projections for what the NCAA tournament will look like for this week. Here's how he came up with the field.

And here is the field itself:

Midwest (Grand Rapids, MI; Host: Western Michigan)

1. Notre Dame (24-5-3, t#3 PWR)
2. Maine (19-8-2, t#3 PWR)
3. Colorado College (16-11-3, t#10 PWR)
4. Boston College (16-10-1, #13 PWR)

Northeast (Manchester, NH; Host: New Hampshire)

1. New Hampshire (22-5-1, #1 PWR)
2. North Dakota (16-11-3, #8 PWR)
3. Boston U (15-5-8, #9 PWR)
4. Sacred Heart (17-8-4, UNR PWR)

East (Rochester, NY; Host: ECACHL)

1. St. Cloud State (18-5-5, t#3 PWR)
2. Clarkson (19-7-4, t#6 PWR)
3. Michigan (21-10-1, t#10 PWR)
4. St. Lawerence (17-11-2, t#16 PWR)

West (Denver, CO; Host: Denver U)

1. Minnesota (23-5-3, #2 PWR)
2. Denver U (20-11-3, t#6 PWR)
3. Michigan State (18-8-3, t#10 PWR)
4. Niagara (17-10-3, t#16 PWR)

Last 2 In: Colorado College, Boston College
First 2 Out: Miami, Vermont


devilsrawesome said...

Looks to be a toss up between the East and the West Regionals to determine the easiest path to the Frozen Four. I'll give the easiest path to SCSU (assuming that their play right now will translate into the NCAA tourney like it should).

Speaking of a "What if" scenario, just how bad will Dahl look of Motzko takes them to their first NC in his 2nd year ever as a head coach with a team that is still somewhat Dahl recruited? On one hand he could feel pride that some of the guys he recruited came through, but on the other hand, he had those players and couldn't do crap with them.

Then again, SCSU winning even one game will make Motzko automatically a historically better coach than Dahl ever was.

Green Hornet said...

Who cares it is SCSU.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Motzko has done excellent job with that program. To go from the bottom of the conference to the top in 1 year is pretty amazing. Especially in the WCHA.

Anonymous said...

Why this guy insists on putting Minnesota in Denver I don't get. As a #2 behind only NH they would be placed in Grand Rapids period.

Anonymous said...

Why is UND never tossed into Michigan in all of these scenarios?

Goon said...

I am sure UND would take Michigan.
I don't see why DU and Minnesota can't be in the same regional?