Monday, February 12, 2007

Weighted Scoring Stats as of 2/12

I'm sticking with the formula of points per game multiplied by RPI strength of schedule. Here's what the numbers are for the top 35 scorers in the country, including all games prior to Tuesday night.

T.J. Hensick, Michigan: .81408
Kevin Porter, Michigan: .78336
Ryan Duncan, North Dakota: .740074
Andrew Gordon, St. Cloud: .731816
Andreas Nodl, St. Cloud: .731816
Eric Ehn, Air Force: .707928
Scott Parse, Nebraska-Omaha: .690414
Ted Cook, Niagara: .6825
Les Reaney, Niagara: .6825
Andrew Cogliano, Michigan: .67072
Mason Raymond, Minnesota-Duluth: .668782
Sean Bentivoglio, Niagara: .648375
Trevor Smith, New Hampshire: .643625
Mark Letestu, Western Michigan: .636651
Nathan Davis, Miami: .634788
Mike Santorelli, Northern Michigan: .622976
James Sixsmith, Holy Cross: .62061
Teddy Purcell, Maine: .601614
Erik Condra, North Dame: .594405
Steve Pinnizotto, RIT: .59436
Kyle Greentree, Alaska: .59172
Pierre-Luc O'Brien, Sacred Heart: .59098
Andrew Wong, Quinnipiac: .583713
Alex Nikiforuk, Nebraska-Omaha: .575345
Travis Morin, Minnesota State: .575156
Paul Szczechura, Western Michigan: .566469
T.J. Fox, Union: .564435
Chad Kolarik, Michigan: .55808
Brock Trotter, Denver: .557242
Tyler Burton, Colgate: .554265
Chris Moran, Niagara: .550875
Simon Lambert, RIT: .54864
Bear Trapp, Sacred Heart: .531882
Andrew Ramsey, Air Force: .530946
Ryan Jones, Miami: .518914


Tornado Towers said...

Interesting breakdown. What do you call the number that you come up with for each player?

Have you looked at last years scoring stats and applied your formula to them? If you have, how do they correlate to the final order for the Hobey? (Elliott excluded)

Specifically what do you think this weighted formula reveals? What does it overlook?

Anonymous said...

Toews is 3 points out of the top 35, but if he were in there he would be second on this list.

Anonymous said...

What if some players get the lions share of their points in games against weak teams?

devilsrawesome said...

I think anyone named "Bear Trapp" deserves some kudos. I don't know if he's that great of a player, but comon... his name is Bear Trapp!

Anonymous said...

Can you do this for goalie stats too?