Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hobey Watch

Eliot Olshansky wrote his own Hobey Watch for USCHO, which this week, discusses Jeff Lerg and how he might have the intangibles to make a serious run at the Hobey.

Here's my top 3 for the Hobey after a couple games played...

1. Ryan Stoa, Minnesota

Minnesota has played three pretty tough series so far--early returns on St. Cloud and Wisconsin aside, they've got some talent--and he's been pretty close to dominant in all three. Stoa has a goal in every game except one so far, and is a huge reason for Minnesota's turnaround. It helps having perhaps the country's best playmaker on your line. Last year I argued that Minnesota's lack of success would kill Blake Wheeler, but this year, Minnesota's impressive record should boost Stoa.

2. Richard Bachman, Colorado College
Bachman's exclusion as a Hobey finalist last year was a bit of a joke. He was named the WCHA's best player and should make a run at this award again. Last weekend was his first huge test against a highly-ranked Denver team, and he ended up playing well enough to earn conference player of the week honors.

3. Aaron Palushaj, Michigan

Michigan is really missing Kevin Porter and Chad Kolarik, as shown by their struggles on the powerplay, but Palushaj has taken a big step forward and become an excellent scorer.


Anonymous said...

Please explain how Minnesota's WCHA games have earned your praise as "3 tough series?" Those 3 teams (Bucky, Cloud and Kato) are a combined 2-9-2. Explain your logic on this one.

Anonymous said...

If you lobbied for Wheeler for the Hobey last year, you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Hat Trick tonight. A year late. The skill guys always do better in the NHL. If Wheeler played under todays rules and a few less minutes he would have been in the mix.

Anonymous said...

How would you describe Palushaj as a player? Sniper, setup guy, power forward?