Thursday, August 21, 2008

Free Candy

(Attorney Wayne Jarvis is legally obligated to inform you that there is no candy in this post.)

Bowling Green is starting a new marketing campaign trying to brand the phrase "ROLL ALONG!" as the signature of the school, in the same way that Texas fans say "Hook'em Horns" or Michigan State fans say "I Like Farm Animals and Hate Furniture"

The key to their marketing campaign, however, is what makes this plan ingenious.
"“ROLL ALONG!” will be incorporated into the game experience in a variety of ways, culminating as fans exit an event, at which point they’ll receive a Tootsie Roll and the greeting “ROLL ALONG!” from an event staff member as a gesture of thanks and appreciation for their attendance and continued support of BGSU Athletics."
Who can turn down free candy?

Meanwhile, assistant coach Todd Reirden will be rolling on to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton to be an assistant coach in the AHL. Bowling Green lost both of their assistant coaches to other jobs this year.


dggoddard said...

I like "Roll Tide" better. Where's my detergent.

Actually anything we can do to encourage Alabama fans to bathe or wash their clothes is probably a good thing.

Kevin said...

The lure of a free Tootsie Roll makes me .1% more likely to drive down to Bowling Green for an away game now.


It should be "Roll On!" and then they could hand out some deodorant to those needy fans

Anonymous said...

This is insulting to Canadians!

Anonymous said...

I describe myself with one adjective- professional

Anonymous said...

Rierdan and Schueller are an unfortunate loss for BGSU. They need alumni coaches like that to continue building the program as they have been trying to do. The enthusiasm is sometimes what it takes to tip a prospects decision.

Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with you, but, I do always appreciate a Wayne Jarvis reference.