Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dalpe Sticks with Ohio State

Ohio State recruit Zac Dalpe will be joining the Buckeyes this year, after speculation that he might end up with the Plymouth Whalers of the OHL.

Dalpe was drafted by the Plymouth Whalers in this summer's OHL Draft, and eyebrows were raised when the Carolina Hurricanes drafted him. Both the Whalers and Hurricanes are owned by Peter Karmanos. Indeed, it looked like Carolina tried to direct him to the Whalers by offering Dalpe a contract, but Dalpe turned it down to maintain his commitment to OSU.


Anonymous said...

Minnesota didn't want him.

Seriously though glad to see him take the NCAA route, nothing against the CHL but it's hard to be a fan of something you can't watch on TV.

Anonymous said...

Good for him to stick to his commitment.

Anonymous said...

why would he go to the ohl and play against boys when he has already been drafted into the nhl and can play against men in the ncaa

bottom line he, nor anyone else needs the ohl to get drafted into the nhl

gofalcons said...

How long can we really expect him to stick around if the 'Canes are offering a contract before he ever plays a college or major junior game?

Anonymous said...

They will trade him like JMF Johnson after he refuses to sign.
He is smart to be a Buck Nut.
The dough will be there.

Anonymous said...

someone posted that how long will dalpe stick around if he is being offered an nhl contract. legitimate question.

the answer is what he is being offered is a standard nhl two way contract. the NHL salary of probably 500k is paid if he plays in the NHL and 50k if he plays in the AHL.

know how many 19 yearold are playing in the NHL? a handful. so no 500k

know how many north american 19 yearolds are playing in the AHL? none. the rules don't allow it.

therefore he would end up in plymouth of the ohl making 50 bucks a week.

he can wait.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the CHL'ers to come out and say he wasn't good enough for Plymouth anyways.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure any 18 or 19 year-old can play in the NHL if they didn't come out of the CHL.

So Dalpe could have played for Carolina's AHL team because he wasn't with a CHL team last season.