Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mitera Staying

Michigan defenseman Mark Mitera was named captain at Michigan yesterday, because he assured coach Red Berenson that he would be staying for his senior season.

I'll remain skeptical until he returns to school next fall. Some of it may depend on Anaheim's situation. There are rumors of Anaheim general manager Brian Burke leaving to join the Toronto Maple Leafs. Whoever is the GM in Anaheim next year will have a pretty big decision to make. Anaheim has an aging roster, and he'll have to decide if he wants to keep that group together for one more run, or start over with a youth movement.

Of course, it may not matter since Mitera seems committed to staying in school next year and finishing his degree in biophysics.


Anonymous said...

Great defenceman continuing the michigan tradition and he will be another great captain and leader like porter.

Anonymous said...

biophysics...I though Harbaugh said Michigan steers all jocks to easy majors?

Easy to say you are staying when Anaheim is in the middle of a cup run and has some uncertainty at the top. We'll see what happens over the Summer if Anaheim comes at him with a solid offer and Neiderhiemer retires again offering a realistic chance of sticking with the big club.

Anonymous said...

I thought Harbaugh was refering to football and basketball players. Sports that have historically had a lot of academic casuelties. I'm suprised ESPN's coverage didn't plaster Mitera's major like they did with Craig Krenzel's microbiology major. Especially considering Ohio St. is the second easiest school in the Big Ten behind Mich St. whie Michigan is one of the hardest.

444 said...

I don't know why Burke would ever go to that fishbowl. No thank you.