Sunday, March 16, 2008

Michigan Hockey Players Named in Report

It's been a poorly kept secret that Jim Carty of the Ann Arbor has spent many months digging around the University of Michigan athletic department looking for some sort of malfeasance to earn himself some national recognition, and possibly a better job.

The report he finally came up with involved independent study courses specifically for athletes. By itself, it isn't a terrible allegation, since athletes are often forced to keep odd schedules, but the article also goes on to say that the athletes typically do less work in these classes than in a normal class.

The article says that eight members of the Michigan men's hockey team have taken independent studies courses with one professor since the fall of 2004. Two of those players, Danny Fardig, and Chad Kolarik, were named in the article.

On Kolarik:
Kolarik has taken Psychology 200, 327, 421, all independent studies, and 401, a standard course, with Hagen, earning three B-pluses and an A. Kolarik estimated he spent an hour a week doing work for Hagen's independent study classes, well below the suggested guidelines published by the psychology department.

Going into the fall semester, the junior carried a 2.3 grade point average outside of Hagen's courses.
This is 100% speculation on my part, but there are many references to "former athletic department employees," in the article, and I'd be willing to bet one of them was former Michigan assistant hockey coach Dave Shand, who last summer, filed a lawsuit against Michigan athletic director Bill Martin, alleging that Martin had Shand fired from Ann Arbor radio station WTKA for being critical of the athletic department. One of the complaints was that Shand discussed his divorce with Sue Shand, long-time academic co-ordinator for the Michigan hockey team, and the co-director of the Academic Success Program, while on the air. Sue Shand was featured prominently in the article.

The general feeling around Michigan in regards to this seems to be, "It's not good, but if this is the worst they could dig up, that's not all that bad."


Anonymous said...

I doubt Dave Shand had any hand in the article. He used to tease his wife about their relationship, not criticize her role at the U. Also, he's a big backer of the U. and the academic programs - he's not going to be a witness to anything. His beef is with Bill Martin for having him fired - that's it

Anonymous said...

Gee what a revalation, athletes taking short cuts around classes!

Not good for the NCAA vs CHL debates though.

devilsrawesome said...

It's golden for those pro-CHLers desperate enough to take the actions of 4 players or, at the worst case, one hockey program and blanket-rate all of DI hockey with it.

All it proves is those pro-chlers are classless. Kinda like pro-NCAAers that say all pro-CHLers are nothing more than fight loving, sister kissing, idiots who only know that the CHL is superior because they play more games and have more teams than DI hockey (therefore the law of averages suggest more CHLers will make the NHL).

Seriously, folks, get over yourselves.

The argument is so old and beyond civility.

Anonymous said...

Just a few players? Does this call into further question that "Study" that a certain anti-CHL individual put out comparing NCAA Vs CHL graduation rates. Come on people, the reality is that athletes have tough schedules, and they do get a ton of breaks in terms of thier acedemics.

All this does is show how flawed "The Study" the pro-NCAA people trumpeted. I guess that Mcjob slag against all major Junior players will get a little further away from the thruth now.

Anonymous said...

Matt Shegos doesn't help his alma mater when he refs and Miami fans who complain are being silly. Check!

Even the writer of this blog is always seeing the WCHA refs favoring one team.

Michigan players doing less academic work for the same credit, no big deal. Check!

Even though the writer of this blog loves to call out other programs for their mistakes.

Thanks for clearing this up for all of us. Keep up the "good work."

Dave said...

Here's a response from the University that shoots a lot of holes in the article.

Carty is an idiot and his shoddy work here is just further evidence of that.

Anonymous said...

I go to a prestigious university, don't play a sport and take independent study courses.

I spend less time than kolarik and make A's. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

Excuses, excuses...

I am still waiting for the " well go to Major Junior, and you will be pumping gas when you are done line"

That is the tried and true retort..

Anonymous said...

It is a big deal because M has trumpted since the beginning of time how they above the fray with regards to athletic short cuts. Turns out they are, as most have known(aside from fans and alumni), they are no different than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

"All it proves is those pro-chlers are classless."

How many websites, or blogs do you see out there, by Pro-CHL'ers who spend near the time and effort this one, among others, does in bashing the other side?

It seems they worry a lot less about you, than you do about them.

Anonymous said...

It is a tactic to bash those things that are better then you, those that have nicer things, or are in a place you want to be. Major Junior gives you the best chance to develop into a pro, AND GO TO CLASS AND SCHOOL. (real classes are mandatory at CIS Schools)

Anonymous said...

And the stupid debate begins anew

Anonymous said...

When faced with no argument, it is "stupid"

Anonymous said...

Like they don't have basket weaving for jocks at State!