Friday, March 28, 2008

Irish Advance

In my quest to look like as big of a fool as possible, I said this in my West regional preview:
I think New Hampshire is too strong in goal for the Irish to put up a lot of offense.
Yeah. Final score: Notre Dame 7 New Hampshire 3.

In my defense, the only thing less likely than Notre Dame's hockey team scoring 7 points, would be Notre Dame's football team scoring 7 points.


Anonymous said...

The less Eastern teams in the tourney after tonight the better, the announcer in the Mich game claimed that Michigan loses guys early, like Jack Johnson, and Norton claimed during an intermission that the Gophers/Eagles game will be like fast break basketball.

As if the Northeast accents weren't bad enough, now we have to put up with nothing but bad info and cliches the entire tourney. Please tell me Woog or Darby are gonna somehow be the color guys for the games tomorrow?

stephen a said...

Well to be fair there were I believe 3 EN goals in that game, but still for Notre Dame that is lighting it up. My bracket right now is looking horrible.

Anonymous said...

You made up for the Notre Dame prediction by picking MSU over CC.

The biggest travesty of the tournament selection might not be Mankato getting screwed, but the WCHA getting too many undeserved bids.

Anonymous said...

There were 2 ENG's, stephen. Regardless, it was still a solidly awesome win.