Friday, February 15, 2008


USA Today's Kevin Allen looks at the phenomenon of talented Sun Belt players. Colten St. Clair is featured most prominently, with a couple other recruits like Danny Heath and Vinny Saponari mentioned as well.

Tyler Ruegsegger is still out with an injury for Denver, but he paid his own way to be with the team in Grand Forks. Or maybe he just wanted to vacation in scenic Grand Forks.

The leading scorer on Duluth's women's team is under investigation by the NCAA, after it was reported that she got paid while playing for a team in Russia. The Bulldogs women's team is currently atop the WCHA standings, but could be forced to forfeit the 26 games that player played in.

MGoBlog talks hockey.

Some kid at Miami was whining that Matt Shegos, a Michigan alum, officiated last weekend's Michigan/Miami series. Everyone who matters, however, had no problem with it, saying Shegos was the most experienced, and qualified. I did like this except though:
Piotrowski, who is in his first year as the director of officials, was a Ferris State University ice hockey player himself, and before taking over as director, was an official for the CCHA. He said that there was never a problem with teams having him officiate games in which Ferris State was playing.
I'm sure there are some people at Ferris State that would beg to differ with that statement.

It should also be noted that the author of said piece is the same person who called Miami a dynasty earlier this year. Over the past four seasons, Miami has one regular season title, zero league playoff titles, and one NCAA tournament win. I'll let you draw your own conclusions, and make your own St. Cloud jokes.

Alaska is far away. It's kind of a homecoming for Notre Dame starting goalie Jordan Pearce. Technically he's from Anchorage, but as he says, "Alaska is Alaska".


Anonymous said...

If you read the Miami Student article again, the author never actually says that Shegos shouldn't have reffed the game. He only points out that Shegos went to Michigan. He gets a lot of people's perspectives on it too.

Also, Miami has ONE NCAA tournament win. Last season. Vs. UNH.

Packer487 said...

But what's the point in even writing that story? If the point was that once in awhile morons can get into Michigan, then I'd completely agree.

If anything, the officiating helped Miami last weekend. Shegos was a moron, but he was a moron both ways. And if there was a rule that people couldn't ref games involving their alma mater, I think almost all Michigan fans would gladly accept. It'd keep Shegos away.

There's not a ref in the CCHA worth a damn now that Pio's gone.

Anonymous said...

As a student at Miami myself, it's no surprise at how poor some of the sports columns are. It's more of the same each week. The writer doesn't even mention that Brian Frierichs, a Miami alum, gets games in Oxford all the time as a linesman.

Anonymous said...

Linesmen are not in the same league as the referee. And ya Shegos is pathetic