Friday, February 15, 2008


I'm not sure why Minnesota State has to get dragged into the middle of Patrick Reusse's intense hatred of the Don Lucia and the Gophers.

College Hockey Recruit Exchange took the first stab at a 1993-birthdate list.

5 of the 16 section brackets are out for the Minnesota High School Tournament.

Nice internet video of a Compuware/Little Caesar's Midget Minor game, featuring a five-goal performance by Luke Moffatt.

The USHL explains why to choose the NCAA route.

Speaking of which, a few years ago, defenseman Frank Grzeszczak was an OHL poster boy, when he backed out of a scholarship to Nebraska-Omaha to play in the OHL, saying he wanted to play in more games. So much for that idea, since, after 35 games this season, Grzeszczak has been suspended indefinitely by the Erie Otters.

RWD's Gauntlet.

The USHL Hockey Blog is making my job easy with a bunch of nice links including...

Article on Michigan State recruit Austin Handley.

Article on UNO's Eddie Del Grosso.

Interview with former MSU Maverick Steve Wagner.


Anonymous said...

Point of emphasis:

the NCAA announced that 84% of all NCAA hockey players graduated with their university/college degrees. The CHL's college graduation rate is under 20%.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it's become a season of the Bad Boys of College Hockey. It's quite unfortunate to be reminded of that again when we have a tremendous Miami-Michigan weekend to look forward to, and the postseason just around the corner.
There have been arrests and other disciplinary actions, more so than we can remember in any one season. The exact nature of any of these seemingly egregious offense has never come to light, which is just the way all the parties want it, except for the public, and our collective appetite for salacious celebrity gossip.
But we also want to know, because we want to know whether all of this is getting out of hand.
First we had Brett Motherwell and Brian O'Hanley getting suspended for doing something really, really bad at Boston College. Next thing we knew, Motherwell was off the pros. O'Hanley is lingering around ... somewhere.
Four Boston University players were reprimanded, with one being stripped of his captaincy, later to be reinstated.
Freshman defenseman Kevin Quick at Michigan was recently dismissed from the team, with coach Red Berenson indicating simply that it was a really, really bad thing.
Former Gopher Nate Hagemo was arrested on charges of possessing drugs and drug paraphernalia.
CC players were suspended for a blackface incident. Later, more CC players — Cody Lampl and Derek Patrosso — were suspended for lengthy periods of time for ... something, again, really, really bad that's "undisclosed."
Vermont's Jonathan Higgins was suspended for six games after court charges were brought against him for stealing a bicycle. Patrick Cullity, a sophomore defenseman, was also suspended one game for an unspecified violation of the school's code of conduct for student-athletes.
Maine's Tanner House was charged with unlawfully "touching" a female in a bar ... those charges were later dropped.
T.J. Oshie of North Dakota and Mike Radja of New Hampshire were both suspended after arrests made at Oshie's apartment. Oshie had already been in trouble with the law before.
Players from each of the four major leagues have been suspended for on-ice incidents.
We've had two major foul-ups by WCHA referees, leading to a suspension.
We've had a coach get suspended for flipping off a referee. Of course, this was another PR move. North Dakota officials said that their coaches should be held to a standard where vulgarity is not acceptable. My gosh — you'd have to suspend just about every coach in every sport in the NCAA. Hakstol just got caught on camera. Then again, if you read lips, these guys are caught on camera yelling obscenities all the time. But whatever.
We've had brawls at the end of games.

Anonymous said...

-link defines the difference between Graduation Success Rate and Federal Success Rate

-link to Federal graduation rates for NCAA sports (pg. 4)

Anonymous said...

Only you could take an article that is about MSU-Mankato and facetiously whine about his comparison with the Gophers, which seems to be Pat's yearly whine about the Minnesota. I would have thought you'd love Reusse and his antics.

Anonymous said...

I found the article on Minnesota and Minnesota State accurate. Face it, the Gophers stink, and Lucia is the golden boy that should have access to all the toys he wants. He abuses the toys and now the toys no longer want to play with Lucia. Seems this is a problem that is going to plague Lucia until he leaves toyland. And give Jutting his due, he has built a nice team this year.

Anonymous said...

No kidding. Lucia does recruit some decent players. However his issue is the development of those players. Okposo played his best hockey early last year, before Lucia had a chance to screw him up. Wheeler has not improved, E Johnson played better earlier in his freshman year than he did towards the end. Garth Snow was right....Lucia does not know how to develop players. Looking at the current roster, I can not think of a single player that has improved significantly over the years. No wonder teams like Holy Cross can beat them at the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

May just be the "blue chip" "toys" that Lucia is attracting come without a heart. The "Tin Men" of hockey. Certain kids get tagged early and often with all of the hype and most of them end up somewhere to play. Maybe they end up at a great program like Minnesota because they attract Tin Men who have no heart. Sometimes one needs to look a little closer at the merchandise before they buy it.

Anonymous said...

Lucia decided not to recruit McBain. Bet he wishes he had them now. Minnesota, 9th place ahead of only Alaska....this is better than Lucia losing to Holy Cross. The coach is OVER RATED!!!