Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hobey Watch

My Top 3

1. Kevin Porter
2. Bryan Marshall
3. J-P Lamoureux

It was really hard to come up with three names this week. Chad Kolarik would have made an appearance in the top 3, but since he'll be out the rest of the regular season with an injury, all Hobey hopes are gone for him. That's probably fine by him too, since he's done everything he can to promote Kevin Porter any chance he gets.

Bryan Marshall also didn't play last weekend, so his spot is a bit precarious. INCH says he's expected to be back next weekend against Northern Michigan, but I'm not so confident. This weekend is UNO's last regular season series, and they already have home ice clinched(though South Bend would be a more favorable second-round destination than Ann Arbor or Oxford). After that, they have a meaningless non-conference game against Minnesota State, and then an exhibition against the NTDP. So I could see UNO being cautious with Marshall. They need to win the CCHA playoff title to make the NCAA tournament, and they'll need a healthy Bryan Marshall to have any hope of that.

Jean-Philippe Lamoureux returns back to the top 3, despite a pretty rough outing on Friday night. It's been a strong year for goalies, and one of them will likely make it pretty far. It might as well be the one with the best stats.

INCH Hobey Tracker

Is here.

INCH points out that Gerbe took a pretty critical 10-minute misconduct last Friday against Lowell. In itself, it's not the worst transgression, but given his past history, it's not going to help his case.


Anonymous said...

Wow, an entry that mentions someone or something from/about UND and it doesn't have to do with their thug players or flopping goalie. I'm impressed. Your blog is so much more professional with these things left out.

Anonymous said...

Say chris, do you get your commentary skills from the Wooger or what, you can't even give a good straight up compliment to one of the finest goaltenders in UND history (not to mention the cream of the WCHA crop).

"It might as well be the one with the best stats",how pretenious, J-P is inching up on his 60th consecutive start and that pretty much sums up Sioux hockey right there; Hard working, dedicated to excellence...and not afraid to stand up for his teammates at any cost.

Not to mention he might have a shot at a medal in this summers diving competition.

Lamey for Hobey

Not enough goal tenders recieve high merit for their excellence. These guys are the scapegoats and superheros, Elliot anyone???

Tornado Towers said...

Jon Casey, Ed Belfour, Karl Goerhing, Jordan Parise, Lefty Curran.

These are but a few UND goalies that rate higher than "The Diver" Lamareoux. He has a little more work to do in order to be seriously considered one of the finest in UND history.

Lack of sportsmanship is a dealbreaker for Phil.

siouxsioux said...

lack of sportsman ship?? once phil hits another player like mannino did then we will talk. come on with the sportsmanship crap. he exagerates stuff, big deal. he gets called when he does for 2 minutes, thats why there is refs cool guy. thats why there are rules. hes having a great year and is being rewarded as of now. hes a fine goalie with nice skills but grow up, he has never taken a 10 minute penalty so find one then get back to me. go sioux. porter has the hobey to lose but theres no shame in being in the top 3. if phil wins out from here to the frozen 4 he can win being they havent lost in 11 games as of now, thats about it for a goalie tough. its tough as we all know.

jpl 4 hobey

Anonymous said...

"Holy Diver" Lamoreaux is also known for trying to kick opponents. He's a douche.

jelousy said...

hahaha, because you have met phil right? and know hes a have problems, its a game with student athletes playing that you have no idea on. it kills gopher fans that a sioux is in contention for a hobey again doesnt it toolboy? sucks to be jelous, have fun scoring 1 goal this weekend fro that pathetic team of yours in minny, msu can spank you guys, how does that must suck to be you..go sioux, nice blog

Anonymous said...

Gerbe is a loser! 10 minute misconduct? shame on him.

Go Sioux!!!! :)