Thursday, January 03, 2008

Round Up the Detroit Wheels

Mitch Ryan is trying to return to D-1 hockey.

Ryan played half a season with Minnesota-Duluth, before leaving the team at the semester break.

He is now trying out with St. Cloud, where there's no guarantee he will make the team, but he could fill in the spot vacated by A.J. Gale, who left earlier this year, or John Swanson, who moved back to defense.

St. Cloud has a history of taking transfers from Minnesota-Duluth including forward Dan Kronick, who graduated from St. Cloud last year, and goalie Adam Coole.


Dave said...

Not sure how many of your readers are old enough to remember Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. There is a tenuous hockey connection here, though, as Red Wings' owner Mike Ilitch was a partial owner of the Detroit Wheels (World Football League team, not the band).

Anonymous said...

So how badly does he light up Duluth?
Seems the last couple transfers from UMD hav done quite well at SCSU (Coole, Kronick)

Anonymous said...

Can't quote the Detroit music scene unless you got it right - Mitch Ryder was the fella. But, thanks for the Detroit props - don't forget The Rockets, Bob Seger, etc..."Don't forget the Motor City" as Motown would say. Also, a lot of good hcoeky talent coming out of the Motor City these days..Not cars anymore, for sure