Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mitch Ryan Leaves Duluth

The Duluth News Tribune reported that forward Mitch Ryan has left the team.

Ryan was playing in about half of his team's games this season. I don't know the situation surrounding his decision to leave, but it sounds like it was purely his decision and not the coaching staff's. Ryan was a local kid, and I'm sure it was his dream to grow up and play for the Bulldogs, and it's a shame that it didn't work out as he had hoped.

On a similar note, Minnesota-Duluth recruit Mike Dorr seems to have re-opened his recruitment. He never sent in his letter of intent to Duluth so he's in no way bound to them. On one hand, it's disappointing for Duluth to take a gamble on a kid, and then see him bolt for greener pastures once his stock rises, but on the other hand, I usually side with the player in 99% of these cases, and since it's his future at stake, I'd like to see him go where he is happiest.


Anonymous said...

Go to the Penalty Box board and read why that snake Dorr isn't going to UMD.

Runninwiththedogs said...

This may be the 1% where you shouldn't side with the player, as the poster above me "hinted."

Anonymous said...

sour grapes, as a UMD alum myself, I can see why the kid doesnt want to play for a team that has a good year every 8 years!

UMD is a tight school, but the hockey program is a waste of tution money.

I hope Dorr goes to da Gophers, that is if he is good enough to don the M.

UMD is gay, lets see how many 24 year old freshman we can get from Canada on our team. It's a joke.

Cade Fairchild knows whats up!!

RR said...

A verbal agreement of any kind is a non-binding agreement for either party. It is amazing the amount of vitriol directed at young men trying to do what is in THEIR best interests. It's always a conspiracy with some of you mopes on line.

I don't even know who this kid is but I admire him for making a decision that had to be tough but why stay with something that you aren't fully committed to?

Seems to me he was selling himself short by initially accepting the UMD offer. He realized he made a mistake. He changed his mind. Big deal.

The UMD fans grinding on this kid are the truly pathetic ones in this story. They have demonstrated over the course of many years a lack of class regarding any kid from Northern Minnesota that goes to play elsewhere. Millen? Micheletti? Spehar? to name a few. They had no regrets by not attending UMD.

Anonymous said...

Spehar was the shit tho what ever happnd to that guy?

Chris said...

I'm familiar with Dorr's situation and I have no problem with it.

RR is correct that the whole point of a verbal agreement is that it isn't binding.

Would Duluth fans really want to force a kid onto their team if he doesn't want to be there? That would be a bad situation for all parties.

Runninwiththedogs said...

The point is, he was taking away a scholarship opportunity for someone else.

And anonymous @ 12:10 needs to just... well, I could say it on Donald's blog, but not here.

Chris said...

How exactly was he taking away a scholarship opportunity from somebody else?

Whoever didn't get a scholarship offer while Dorr was verbally committed could take his scholarship now if they really wanted it.

Anonymous said...


You're mixing two different situations. The fans are ripping on Dorr because he used UMD as a crutch in case he didn't get a better offer, then bolted as soon as he did. But Dorr is from Roseville, which is about as close to "northeastern Minnesota" as Eau Claire is.

The Mitch Ryan story is different. He is from NE Minnesota, and he quit the team. But, hey, let's justify a kid looking out for himself over the team he was allegedly so excited to join.

RR said...

Dorr doesn't owe Duluth fans anything. The point I made was he probably realized he had sold himself short.

It has to be an incredible feeleing to have a D-1 coach to offer a scholarship. For some kids it may seem as though it may be the only one they might get. Or the school may be one of a group of schools that the kid would consider going to.

In any event you must remember that these are young men and they must do what is in their percieved best interests. If it rubs a few Bulldog fans the wrong way too bad.

As for the geography lesson, I did say I wasn't sure where Dorr was from. I wasn't commenting on Ryan.

Since this was a verbal agreement, just how would that have any impact on sholarship money being available for someone else? After all it is only January. Lots of time to evaluate players and make other scholarship offers.

Seems to me Dorr did UMD a favor by making his decision when he did. By the way, what new offer did Dorr accept?

Nice to see the Dogs finally win a couple.

Anonymous said...

So you're okay with a kid reneging on a written agreement because he decides that he's not happy with his playing time?

That's a really classy thing to justify. You must be a St. Cloud fan. ;)

HEXTALL said...

I think Dorr can go back and change his mind...after all it is his life right?????

RR said...

Well Hunter Bishop backed out of his committment to UND because he wasn't playing as much as he thought he should, and I think that is ok. If he isn't happy and he doesn't like Grand Forks or any other reason better to sever the ties than continue down that path.

Same goes for Ryan. I don't know what the circumstances were but why is it such a big deal. Plenty of players over the years have done the same thing at just about every school. The whining and recriminations by Bulldog fans are the pathetic part of the whole situation.

Will he get the "Ryan Sucks" treatment ad-nuaseum if he should return playing for another team? You whiners should all remember you are merely spectators of the best game that college sports has to offer. As spectators your influence really only should be cheering for your team of choice, not constantly running down opponents or players that decided to say no thanks to your particular team.

Quit acting like a jilted girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

The point is simple. While Dorr was using UMD as a crutch in case he didn't get any more offers there was some other kid, player B, out there that UMD might have offered that scholarship to and maybe that would have been player B's only opportunity to get a D-1 scholorship. Well now Player B ends up walking on somewhere else or quiting hockey all together because Dorr decided to sit on a scholorship offer for a year that he knew from the start he wasn't going to honor if he had stayed healthy. Dorr should have told the coach's 6 months ago he didn't want to play there, instead he held on in case he got hurt again. Now player B is either paying for school or not playing hockey at all. So basically what Dorr ends up doing is ruining player B's dream because he and his father, who played a huge role, are greedy and only think of themselves. You can try to argue this point all you want but this isn't an opinion, this is the truth of the matter in hard plain facts. Player B did not get a scholorship because Dorr made a commitment he didn't back.

But hey, if you are ok with Dorr costing some kid a scholorship then maybe you should look in a mirror.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 2:29,

In the recruiting game you look out for number one. Coaches will dump a recruit in 2 seconds if they don't feel he is up to snuff. Its cutthroat in the recruiting game, are you serious that he should look out for "player B"? Forget player B, and anyone else for that matter. The player should string as many teams along as possible and make a decision he is comfortable with... and when he makes his decision, if he dosen't like it- he can change his mind. These kids have the right to do whatever they want in this situation, afterall these small decisions are only regarding where they will obtain a college degree and begin the pursuit of adult life. PS he didn't sign on the dotted line, so quit whining.

Anonymous said...

2:29 sounds like a democrat

Chris said...

Considering Dorr's scholarship wasn't for until next fall at the earliest, "Player B" could take that scholarship right now if he really wanted it.

I am amused, however, that Duluth fans apparently think so little of themselves that they believe if a recruit can't get an offer from UMD, they need to go fling themselves off a bridge because they can't play anywhere else.

RR said...

What is being overlooked in this discussion is the fact that these HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS are making verbal committments earlier and earlier every year. It hasn't always been this way.

Mike Dorr and every other non-adult recruit are not able to legally enter into any legally binding agreement by themselves. It is in their best interests to get as many offers as possible and then make a decision.

This sort of thing happens. Three good ones that committed to Minnesota that never made it to campus were Henry Boucha, Phil Housley and Peter Mueller. Somehow all of them were able to be successful and I don't remember any of the kind of crybaby crap that is being directed at Mike Dorr.

Give the kid a break. He is still in high school after all.

I agree 2:29 sounds like a democrat. "Facts" to people like that are their outrageously slanted opinions presented as unassailable facts.