Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Tuesday was the 40th anniversary of the death of Bill Masterton. Let's Go DU had some nice coverage. As did TNABACG.

The big news on Monday was that the NCAA opened the door to Canadian schools joining the NCAA. It's certainly a step in the right direction, but we're still probably four or five steps away from seeing Canadian schools playing college teams and in a major conference. If college hockey wants to expand, Canada is probably the most likely place.

Now is the time of year when some of the top NAHL players start committing to colleges. The most recent is Wichita's Adam Cardwell, who leads the league in scoring. Cardwell committed to--is it Wednesday again already?--Alaska.

Also, Lincoln's(USHL) JJ Crew committed to Western Michigan and Stouffville's(OPJHL) James McIntosh committed to Bowling Green.

The Blog that Yost Built pointed out that Michigan has set a new record for consecutive 20-win seasons with 21, surpassing Minnesota's 20 consecutive between 1977-1997.

Arguably the best high school team in Minnesota, Roseau, faced off against the best high school team in North Dakota, Grand Forks Red River, and Roseau narrowly escaped with a win. The Rams tied the game with an extra attacker goal with 24 seconds left and won the game in overtime.

USHL Central Scouting released draft lists for 1992 birthdates and 1993 birthdates.

College Hockey Recruit Exchange lists some top available '92 birthdates.

The Denver Post's Mike Chambers points out that Randy Schmidt messed up a call against Denver on Saturday.

Saturday's game between Michigan and Notre Dame at the Palace is already heating up with a band controversy.

What's former INCH CCHA writer James Jahnke up to these days? Pissing off Michigan fans. And then Jahnke defended himself.

If, like me, you're interested in the history of hockey, here's a great story on former Red Wing Larry Aurie, who had his number retired by the Red Wings, though the current Wings ownership refuses to acknowledge it.


Anonymous said...

This myth that DU partisans keep spreading about the second UW goal being a "mistake" are nothing more than a feable attempt to shift focus from the real mistake of the weekend. FSN played a replay with audio and even the homer FSN announcers agreed the whistle had not blown. If the call was blown, put up the clip with audio on youtube.

If you want to argue that the whistle SHOULD have blown or Schmidt SHOULD have been in a better position on the ice to make a decision on when to blow the whistle, have at it.

Anyone want to take the bet that there will be no forthcoming apology from the league about that second UW goal?

Better yet, when you give up 6 other goals and basically get used and abused all night, does it really matter?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, Not to be picky or anything but it is Bill Masterton.

Anonymous said...

CHRE, Seth Ambroz is not a '92.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, why don't the DU hom(o)ers beotch about the goal that counted for them that was hit in with a high stick in the Saturday game?

How much does DU pay Schmidt? Is it per game or per bootched call?

rr said...

Will the Michigan mascot be allowed onto the ice? Into the building?

Get creative, don't complain, don't play the part of the victim. Michigan students should bring kazoo's and give Notre Dame a nice little subversive "F You".

But do it with class.

CHRE said...

"CHRE, Seth Ambroz is not a '92."

Thanks for the correction. Expect him to be near the top of the '93s then!!

Anonymous said...

11:24...DU pays Schmidt about as much as I pay your mom......zero. Thankfully that's the case, otherwise I'd need to take a second job.

Keep us all posted when your team wins an NCAA title. Otherwise keep doing the knuckle shuffle on the piss pump.....

hockeyfan said...

check out azsioux's former sioux player list. he does a nice job with former sioux players/coaches. check it out here


great recruiting site here!! i found tis link on azsiouxs site last week after browsing and finding that site. great info here!! thanks

Anonymous said...

annony 12:56...so Schmidt is not on the DU like Bruce McLeod then? Oh by the way, my mom is dead so if you want to keep wanking off at the gravestone...no charge is fine studly.

Last I checked, UW had hardware more recently than DU has.

SimonTemplar said...

Hi Chris

On your story about CIS teams going the NCAA route I doubt is has any impact.

You might get SFU or UBC but they are not big in CHL hockey as a destination.

Other Big Schools are not about to shoot themselves in the foot taking away the CHL money that's always paid.

Teams like London reserve a lot of spots every year even if they don't use them. That in itself is foolish for any school to even consider joining the NCAA.

Further stories are coming out across the country and it doesn't look good for NCAA.