Thursday, December 06, 2007

UAA Goalie Seriously Injured

Matthew Gordon, the back-up goalie for the University of Alaska-Anchorage, was injured last Saturday while on the bench when an errant puck left the playing surface and hit him in the eye. It didn't seem overly serious at the time, but after a medical procedure on Tuesday, UAAA athletic director told the Alaska Daily News that Gordon's injury is likely career-ending.

This puts Anchorage in a difficult position. They're left with walk-on third stringer Aaron Mayo as the only back-up to starting goalie Jon Olthuis. The Seawolves are scrambling to try and add a back-up goalie for the second semester.

But more importantly, you have to feel for Gordon. He had only appeared in one game for the Seawolves, but looked to have a promising future. Things look extremely grim, but miracles have happened before, and hopefully Gordon can catch a little bit of luck.


Anonymous said...

Ive noticed that goalies dont wear headgear on the bench during games. Ill bet that will change????

dggoddard said...

Best wishes to the kid. Hopefully he will heal completely and return to hockey.

Soccer goaltender Gordon Banks and Seabiscut's, jockey Red Pollard both came back to have careers after suffering accidents and going blind in one eye.

Anonymous said...

that sucks. i hope he will be ok. and best of luck to uaa

gmf1a said...

This is horrible. I watched the game and he skated to the dressing room on his own.

Hope he will be OK.

Coaches don't wear headgear on the bench either.

Anonymous said...

Curious to hear if the miracle you're hoping for is whether he'll play hockey again... I guess I hope that the kid will be ok and be able to watch his own kids grow up some day.

Anonymous said...

...he skated to the dressing room on his own.

He wasn't hit in the leg. He was hit in the eye.

Anonymous said...

Anchorage** Daily News.