Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More on the Nunn Fiasco

I had fully intended on yesterday's post being my last thoughts on the subject, but it seemed like every hockey mind across the continent had an opinion on this story, and there were a few more things I wanted to share. It's largely been reported as a pretty black and white story so far, but there's also a lot of gray area.

I've posted the rest on WCH2, which you can read here.


Anonymous said...

I'd talk to more CHL players if I were you Chris since the average player takes about 2 classes per semester while playing for their team.

Yes it is true that some teams require you to pay up front and be re-imbursed later but other teams will pay full cost up front.

Anonymous said...

You have a USA player in your own back yard with the same problem but you want to rant & rave about a kid from Victoria, Canada. Whatup?

Anonymous said...

Chris, I really do not understand your spin on this. I know for a fact, my son is currently doing it, a player can reasonably take 2 courses a semester during the season and complete 4 more in the summer. If this is done for 2 or 3 seasons, a student could have enough credit for nearly 2 years of college. Not bad for a hockey player that doesn't care about education. Chris, open your eyes and mind. everyone doesn't choose the same path through life.

Oh yea, his team pays for all his college expenses.

Anonymous said...


While CHL players are in the league ALL cost are payed for by thier respective clubs up front.