Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There's Nothing Funny About Urkel

A few weeks ago, Colorado College suspended four players for an exhibition game against Calgary. Today, the reason for that suspension was revealed.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the four players were supsended for dressing like characters from the TV-show Family Matters, including wearing black face paint, at a preseason golf outing.

What the players did probably was in poor taste, but at least from the article, looks to be an innocent mistake.


Anonymous said...


Bad taste????

Great college values folks!

Anonymous said...

Have we literally gotten that over sensitive?

The family on Family Matters was black. In order to dress up like them, putting black paint on your face is how you do it? If you follow the logic that these players were racist or doing something inappropriate, what does that make Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie? A rapist? A sexist?


rr said...

I was playing golf a week ago and a local hockey association had a golf outing to raise funds. A couple of the participants wore sombreros and ponchos. They looked pretty funny and nobody seemed bothered by it at all.

Should they be forced into mandatory sensitivity training?

I also saw a program listing for a tv show last night called the Sarah Silverman Show. It's description was that Sarah (who is jewish) went undercover as a black person in order to prove jews were discriminated against more than black were. I didn't bother to watch the show but with a premise like that wouldn't she have to wear an afro wig and wear some sort of black face makeup in order to pull it off?

Where is the outrage over that? Al? Jesse? Should she be made to appologize over that one? Oh, I forgot, she's a liberal. No problem.

Anonymous said...

The CC supspension is absolutely ludicrous. What have we become???

Anonymous said...

All of those groups you all mentioned above have NEVER had the persecution that blacks have had (still have) in this country. They could have easily conveyed that Urkel character by wearing big nerdy glasses, pants that were too short and a voice like nails on a chalkboard...without resorting to a Jim Crow-era face.

Anonymous said...

Why is putting black paint on your face demeaning? What if they wore black paint and went as Jackie Robinson, Jesse Jackson or Martin Luther King? Would a person be persecuted for trying to be as close to representing the historical character as possible, or would they be applauded for reaching across racial lines to portray the struggles and advancements that blacks have made in society?

I could see this being a problem if the players wore black makeup and wore chains, carried crack pipes or had on a prison jumpsuit. That is a racist statement. Wearing dorky clothes and changing your voice does not make you Erkel without the makeup. All it makes you is Screech.

Anonymous said...

When you're White there are no innocent mistakes. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

These hockey players were not persecuting anybody. Give me a break. Race hustlers in this country make it their business to blow out of proportion incidents like this.

It's not as though they beat anybody up, or burned a cross in somebody's yard or hung a noose from a tree. They were imitating a TV show that has goofey characters that are black. Not what I would have done but big deal.

The double standards that get applied are pretty outrageous. To wit: Duke lacross players are accused falsely, tried and virtually convicted in the liberal court of public opinion and then found to be COMPLEATLY INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES in a court of law. No punishment for the malicious accuser and no appologies from liberal, poser faculty at Duke. Or from Sharpton or Jesse Jackson and their ilk for that matter.

Second example. Three black Minnesota football players sexually assault a woman on campus. They save the act on video. They got kicked off the team and were charged but unless you lived in the coverage area of Minneapoli/St.Paul media you wouldn't know it happened. Stuff like that gets buried pretty fast by the liberal media.

Nobody has a right to not be offended. What these guys at CC did was dumb but by no means should it ruin their lives.

Anonymous said...

The media along with a sizable portion of the American population has an ironclad double standard when it comes to race. White on Black crime is the most heinous thing imaginable and given national coverage. Black on White crime is rarely given serious coverage and never more than local attention.

It's hardly surprising that acts of a much less serious nature(Imus,C.C., etc.) are treated the same way. It's a shame, but any attempt to change the status quo is almost always shouted down. Jena, LA is just the latest example.