Sunday, September 09, 2007

USHL in Quebec

Omaha and Indiana completed the second half of their four-game exhibition series last night.

Indiana gave the Quebec Remparts a run for their money, taking a 3-2 lead on a John Carlson goal at 16:23 of the third period. Quebec responded with a powerplay goal 58 seconds later. Quebec then netted the game-winner at 18:09 of the third, and added an empty-netter to seal a 5-3 win.

The next game wasn't quite as close. Omaha came out with 4 goals in the first period against Rimouski Oceanic, and added two more in the third for an easy 6-0 win.

Too much emphasis was going to be placed on these games regardless of how they turned out, but the results are still pretty interesting. The USHL teams did a great job of coming together after not spending much time together as a team. It was obviously a deal that the CHL teams were missing a few players to NHL camps, but it became a much bigger deal after the games were played. And really, I'd expect those players to make their respective NHL teams if they really are good enough to improve those Q teams by 5-6 goals a game.


Anonymous said...

check the Q rosters to find both teams with half their rosters filled with 90 and 91 birth year players.
just click the links and the names on the QMJHL rosters to find the birthdates.

Anonymous said...

There you have it.

Anonymous said...

"I'd expect those players to make their respective NHL teams if they really are good enough to improve those Q teams by 5-6 goals a game."

I like your blog. It's always full of good info, but now that's just a Dumb comment.

Anonymous said...

People sound like the CHL teams were just filled with a bunch of scrubs. Rimouski had only 3 of their top 10 returning scorers missing. How many times have teams like UND, MN, UW have their top 3-4 players misseds due to the WJC and still field highly competitive teams that still win. It just shows you the lack of depth in the CHL.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know a lot about the CHL, but from reading the comments to this and other chl vs ncaa blog posts, it sure gets people bent out of shape.

I am pro college hockey, I live in the US in a town w/ a 6 time NCAA championship team and see it as the best course for aspiring hockey talent. I would think a lot of canadians are pro CHL because that is the progression up North.

The same goes for the kids, some would be better served by the NCAA and some by CHL. Maybe the ratio of CHL players that make the NHL is higher, I really don't care. If I was an NHL team I would pass on CHL players in many cases to get the 4 years of retainer on players rights in the NCAA to see how they develop, instead having to make a decision in 2 years. Not every CHLer is Pat Kane.

In the end, the USHL might not be as good as the CHL day in and day out, but Omaha rolled that one team 6-0. And if they were second rate players playing for Q or not, if the CHL is so good, than that shouldn't have happened. If you are going to boast about how great CHL is and how horrible USHL/NCAA talent is, then your second tier players better not get embrassed 6-0 by "inferior" talent.

Kyle Turris is going to look really good in Cardinal and White this season too!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Turris, doesn't any CHL'er want to answer why he didn't go to the WHL? or Toews, or Brendan Smith, or Goulobef, or Betram, or Bradford, or Cogliano? How about Zajac?

My point is CHL'er always come on this board thumping their chests whenever a NCAA prospect goes to the CHL, but are totally oblivious to the fact of how many of their top Canadien players have snubbed the "O", "W", and "Q" in favor of the NCAA. Enough that even the Hockey Canada president imposed some rule a couple years ago to deter canadien players to play in the U.S. in fear they were going to lose more to the NCAA route.

Anonymous said...

Just to edit my last post "WHL" should mean "CHL" as some smartass poster will note that Smith, Cogliano, Goulobef, could never play in the WHL.

Anonymous said...

Quick question. Say one of the better teams in the NAHL plays Chicago of the USHL? Who would win? O.K. now take the same two teams but have Chicago sit out 3 of their top 4 forwards and 2 of their top Dmen. Who would win now???

Rimouski was missing Frolik, Skokan, Fortier, Garnier and Dupont. Put those players in the place of the 17 year old kids they had and honestly try and tell me Omaha would win????

Put Esposito, Lacroix and Stefanovich and it is very unlikely that Omaha would have pulled off a win.

Just the facts folks!

Anonymous said...

Considering Omaha put up 6 on Rimouski, yes I think they would win.
Besides, if the Q wanted to win, they should have iced their full teams.
All it sounds like now is excuses excuses excuses

Anonymous said...

Hard to ice their full teams when a NHL training camp is they were going to miss a NHL rookie training camp for a meaningless game? Riiiiight!

Your dreaming if you think Omaha would have beaten either Quebec or Rimouski had those other teams iced their full rosters.

Anonymous said...

Crybabies Hockey League

Ryan said...

"like they were going to miss a NHL rookie training camp for a meaningless game? Riiiiight!"

If it's so damn meaningless, why do the excuses keep coming? Get over it already good god.

Anonymous said...

look i my self am a total ncaa person but to the chl person face the facts your teams lost, ok so they may not have iced there full roster because of camps well tough it out cause if you are lucky you have all your starting players every game injury, fatigue and unfor seen sercomstances can always jepordize that factor, to the NCAA people yeah the ushl got some good games and awsome play from there kids but can either side judge and compaire the two on four games? mmm i dont think so in order to get good data we need let the two play eachother more often at diffrent times of the year i think the ushl should host Q teams later in the season lets put every ones money were there mouth is or lets stop this perpetual pissing match

Anonymous said...

What I find funny is that the USHL folks think that they actually accomplished something, when the whole world knwos exhibition games are meaningless and one should never come to any conclusions over them.
On the other side, the CHL people continue to validate the USHL peoples sense of false accomplishment by continuing to offer excuses for four games that did not mean or prove anything!


Anonymous said...

And the tennis team would have won if the sun wasn't in their eyes, and football team would have won if the ref made the right call, and the pee wee hockey team would have won if three kids didn't have mono. If only pointstreak could give us all the info, we would know who really won the game.

Anonymous said...

it is true that the Q had their best 19 and 20 year-olds and pro camp however the USHL teams had their best 19 and 20 year-olds already in college!

add to that the USHL teams travelled for 24 hours on a bus, had to put up with Q refs and had only played one scrimmage game prior to the events and the USHL effort is legit.

Further, the USHL's 12 team circut had more NHL drafts then the Q's 18 league circut last year. So the results should not be a surprise.

Anonymous said...

The USHL had more players drafted than the Q? Thats not what says!

Try again!

Anonymous said...

How many times have teams like UND, MN, UW have their top 3-4 star players missed due to the WJC and still field highly competitive teams that still win. And this is against even level competition-other NCAA schools. The Q is supposed to be at a level way above the USHL. They should have beat them without their four star players if the USHL was so inferior. You could say Omaha was missing Petrecki who would still be playing juniors if he were in the CHL, but the best 18 year olds go to the NCAA by then. It just shows you the lack of depth in the CHL