Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cunti Cleared for Huskies

(Requisite joke: St. Cloud will admit just about anybody into their school.)

The website Bolt Prospects, which does a very nice job of keeping track of Tampa Bay's prospects, is reporting that third round draft pick Luca Cunti will be playing for St. Cloud this season. The Swiss forward's status was up in the air, as he tried to get through the NCAA Clearinghouse. If he hadn't made it through, he would have spent the year with the Chicago Steel of the USHL.

UPDATE: Kevin Allenspach of the St. Cloud Times has clarified the situation a little bit. Cunti is currently at St. Cloud, and will be taking classes at St. Cloud, but hasn't received an answer from the NCAA yet, so there is still the possibility that he won't be cleared, in which case, he will pull out of classes and go to the USHL.


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough though, they won't.
I had 3.2 GPA and was rejected by State but got into Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the joke. What does making it through the NCAA Clearinghouse have to do with SCSU admitting "anybody"? Don't take up stand-up as a side gig!!

Anonymous said...

Well SCSU did admit BOBBY!!11!!@1!1! after his "borrowing" incident.

So selective they're not.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hear SCSU is more selective than a Big Ten school. NOT!

Anonymous said...

Again, for those in the idiot seats, this has NOTHING to do with St. Cloud letting Cunti in, it is the NCAA.

Runninwiththedogs said...

"If you can't get into college, go to State!"

Anonymous said...

IF you wanna lose to State, go to UMD!!!

Anonymous said...

UMD, U of M and MSMU fans can whine and chirp all they want about st. cloud recruits and what not. bottom line is when we start stealing YOUR (Gophers) recruits or our recruits didn't even consider YOUR (Mavericks, UMD) school, just goes to show WE (Huskies) will be a force to be reckoned with.

Anonymous said...

Steal the Gopher recruits. Ya..right..

Why play JV when you can play for a real program..

Maye if SCSU would actually win a ncaa tournament game, they may get some recognition..

Doubtfully, but it would be a start!

Anonymous said...

HOLY CROSS u mean?????

Anonymous said...

Yeah, even Holy Cross has one more NCAA win than SCSU. LOL

Motzko is hardly stealing recruits. Especially not from the Gophers. Other than a few kids from nearby Little Falls and some guys from Section 8 (which is mostly UND country), they haven't done much else. Motzko certainly hasn't done any damage with the big time recruits in the Twin Cities area and, other than LeBlanc, he hasn't done squat in the Duluth/Iron Range region either. Considering those are the two most dense recruiting grounds for big time recruits in MN, I guess he isn't stealing as much as some think! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...brainiac, I'd put the Warroad/Rosaeu/Moorhead region 8 right up near the top for MN recruiting....Lets see Marvin, Ravndalen, Christian, Nick Oliver, this year? Don't give me that the Goofers weren't even interested in Marvin either...BS!
Yeah, and I agree with the previous poster that SCSU is getting recuits that don't even consider UMD and Mankato in their list. SCSU, UND, MN, and some Wico in the metro have gotten all the better HS players....too bad for UMD and hoo!!

Anonymous said...

Every time Susie and St. Clown recruit a Minnesota kid they come to the internet and crow about how they plucked him from the top of Lucia's list. Besides, Danny Mattson, not one of the kids who has been named was offered by the Gophers according to any reputable source.

If you think section 8 is Minnesota's recruiting ground, you give St. Clown fans a bad name. Which is truly not easy to do considering the level of moronic stupidity you idiots routinely exhibit.

Why can't you just accept that Motzko has gotten some good recruits? Why do they only matter if the U wanted them?

Anonymous said...

Sounds exactly like Peter Szabo... hey SCSU, Maine had another kid fail the TOEFL and not get into the school, should they forward his details?

Anonymous said...

No need. Just ask him if owns or is willing to buy an Artic Cat jacket? I am pretty sure a Polaris jacket is also acceptable but maybe you should consult the handbook.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I was saying...St. Cloud is getting good recruits. No, it doesn't matter if the U wanted them or not (more for us!). All I hear from Goofer fans is that the U never wanted them in the first place, and that everyone else gets "leftovers". I guess SCSU beating the Gophers disproves that though immediately huh?

Anonymous said...

Do you people honestly think that it matters what univeristy you go to in the state of Minnesota? There's not a elite university in this state. It doesn't matter for MOST jobs. I have my BS for SCSU and my MBA from UM. Employers look at work experience first and the degrees come a distant second. It's work experience not the school. Stop whinning about what school is the toughest.

Secondly, I agree, most highly recuited hockey players do play for UM, but honestly they're more of a pain for the team than a savior. For example: Phil Kessel, great player, stood out on the ice, but if you ask most UM fans, they were glad he left. Eric Johnson, great player, DID NOT stand out on the ice, pain in the butt, cry baby about power plays, worth it- probably not. Take a look at Denver, they don't get the best recuits, but every year they have a pretty good team because they find the right player for their program. One that will stay for more than 1 or 2 years.

Running with the dogs- you need to switch to women's hockey because you blogs are as boring as women's hockey. Great, let's hear about the cutie report. PS- Get a date once for once and stop writing about stuff that you would expect from a high schooler.

444 said...

Come on Carlton and Macalaster are two schools who are elite.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you went o Hamline, it is "which are elite".

Anonymous said...

Amazing, any talk on any SCSU recruit and it becomes a pissing contest about how bad the school is and anyone can get in there and the recruits don't matter as MN was never looking at them anyway and blah blah blah blah blah.

Last time I checked, none of that means shit, especially considering SCSU's 4-1-2 record against MN since Motzko was hired.

Anonymous said... have a good record against Minnesota..

How many banners do You have hanging in your arena?

How many ncaa wins do you have?

Come on, comparing head to head competition as a criteria for a good recruting class, or success..

In the end, it comes down to wcha regular season champs, wcha final five champs, or the final four and ncaa champs..

Saint cloud has none!

Anonymous said...

Another U of MN rube like in the past. U of ND has more titles than the UM, so that must mean that they're the best school in WCHA for recuiting, enrollment, better textbooks, better Mcdonalds, better water, and so on. Let go for once.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, St. Cloud does have a Final Five Title.
And if any Gopher fans actually think SCSU won't win anything with Motzko running the show, they are in for a rude awakening.
This isn't Dahl, this guy can actually coach.
And I think someone bringing up St. Cloud's record against the Gophers is relevant.
If the Huskies are so bad, why hasn't Minnesota beaten them in 5 straight meetings?
It's worth talking about.

Anonymous said...

But, it seems all your doing is comparing your program to winning against the Gophers.

I do think Motzko will do a good job at Saint cloud. he's a good coach. But come on, any team can beat anyone on any given night. Lets face it, Saint cloud probably gets up more for the Gophers then any other team, like most teams do..

what my point was, is compare a success of a program to titles, and conference championships, not how many times you beat the Gophers..

So, you have a good streak against the Gophers, where did it get you?

what was the end result?

Anonymous said...

No one said it was the end all be all, but it is a step in the right direction, especially when the last few years under Dahl, not only could the Huskies not beat Minnesota, the games weren't close.
All it shows is progress.

And yes, titles is the ultimate, but I'd be willing to bet that kids around the state have taken notice that SCSU has had success against Minnesota.
And if Minnesota can't "get up" to play SCSU, especially with what was at stake in February, then that is their own problem.

The point is, all we ever hear from the Gopher fans (trolls) is how easy SCSU is to get into, that they take anyone, which isn't true, they actually reject a higher percentage of applicants than Minnesota does.
Then all we hear is all the recruits we get Minnesota didn't want anyway which is also crazy.
Anyone who thinks Minnesota wasn't looking at Marvin or Hanowski is fooling themselves.

I mean god help us if SCSU actually does win a WCHA title or an NCAA title.
It's all bullshit, it's all ridiculous and it always has been.

Back on topic.
Reported today that Cunti is on campus, he's taking classes, they are just waiting for the NCAA to clear him which could take a few weeks.
If he isn't cleared, look for him to go back to Chicago for a season.

Anonymous said...

come on now st cloud does have banners they are one of the only schools in the wcha to hang ncaa participation banners... they cant insult UND or UM fans because that line would read 7>5>0

Anonymous said...

Only one team from Minnesota has ever won a national championship in the history of NCAA. Maybe you all should quit squabbling over Minnesota players and start recruiting from areas that produce champions...second thought please don't

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for you guys to come up with different lines?
Hearing the same tired crap over and over gets really old.

Anonymous said...

Comparing banners from UND and MN to SCSU is unfair due to the fact the Sioux and Gophers have had a number of banners hung before St. Cloud was even a D-I school. And I am a Husky fan who is quite disappointed with the fact we have not faired well in the NCAA's, but in our defense, we have never been able to taste home cookin' in any of our NCAA Tournament losses. This is not an excuse, but UND and the Gophers are either hosting their first round regional's or driving in a bus somewhere nearby. Why is that???

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a blog string...looks like SCSU entries generate alot of interest! My takes:

1. The Gophers do have a "home" advantage when the WCHA Final Five is in your backyard. I find it amazing that thaey have done as POOR as they have the last few years there, excluding last year. For a while they couldn't buy a victory at the Final Five.

2. SCSU did win the Final Five one year, contrary to what an overzealous Gopher fan says in this string.

3. I find it interesting how UM people here can crow about their champoinships in the NCAA, but fail to mention they are the biggest upset LOSERS in NCAA hockey history also (everyone knows the upsetters name). Let's balance it out if your gonna rip SCSU. (Yes, an NCAA win would be nice!)

4. The last poster makes a decent point in that SCSU has been in D-I about 17 years only, and UND and MN have been a lot longer. You'd have to pair down that 7-5-0 comparison to the last 17 years to make it valid, if you are comparing it to SCSU. That line would thus read: MN-2, ND-2, SCSU - 0....doesn't seem that unbalanced now, huh?

5. Motzko has done a good job of targeting, and then going after, the MN HS players this past offseason. I've never seen so many commitments from players from good HS programs commit to SCSU in one year. It takes a couple years whewn a new coach comes on board to judge his recruiting, since players commit now when they are juniors, etc. So when Miotzko came abord, alot of thos HS players were already committed to other schools. So now you are seeing Motzko's recruiting style in full form. I like it....