Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lamoureux Lands Back Home

If you've read the comments, you've probably already seen this, but Tri-City Storm forward and Grand Forks native Mario Lamoureux has committed to North Dakota for the 2008 season.

Lamoureux had originally committed to Northern Michigan to play with his brother Jacques, but after Jacques was accepted into the Air Force Academy, Mario re-opened his recruitment.


Anonymous said...

Adam Murray is a damn good goalie and will help DU mop up against the nodaks.

Anonymous said...

Too bad your reading skills aren't very good otherwise you would have put this comment under the two previous topics all mentioning Adam Murray.

Nice job though.

Anonymous said...

PAYBACKS ARE HELL! just giving Murray his just do, while you nodaks idiots stole his thunder in earlier posts.

Murray is awesome goalie and kid...thanks for the vine!

Anonymous said...

Adam Murray is going to be the best of DU's recent goaltending studs. Should make life hell for the Sue in a couple of years.

GO DU!!!

Anonymous said...

haha ya right denver beat und he'll prolly changed his mind next summer just like jason gregoire did haha