Wednesday, August 29, 2007

LSSU Loses Baird

Lake Superior defenseman Ryan Baird is retiring from hockey due to a recurring shoulder injury. Baird will return to his hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario where he works as an electrician. It's always a shame to see a player forced to give up the game prematurely. I wish Baird all the best in the future.

Meanwhile, Minnesota defenseman Nate Hagemo, who was forced into early retirement last fall with a nagging shoulder injury is trying to make another comeback. It would be great to see Hagemo back on the ice, as he was an extremely talented player, but I'd be surprised if he did come back. I'm not a doctor, but it seems to me that if his shoulder hadn't healed 18 months after the injury occurred, another 12 months probably wouldn't change much. Stranger things have happened though, and I wish him the best as he tries to come back.


blah blah blah said...

Take a UND fan for what its worth, but I hope Hagemo does give it at least a try. What's to lose? Saying "I tried but it didn't work out?" I personally think he should do what is best for him and if he thinks he can do it, GOOD. GO FOR IT!

This isn't the Hirsch situation. I also think that Lucia can be more selective and careful with Hagemo and make it work if he wants to. For example, he doesn't have to play right away or every game either.

What would be a nice gesture would be have Hagemo come in and, if things work out, great, if not, turn him into a student-coach type arrangement. That way he's with the team and can contribute even if it is off the ice (or have they been doing that already?).

Anonymous said...

Hagemo's return would be great for him. It would be a medical miracle. Hard to be so young with a great future and have it taken away. Might be other issues here though it seems. Good Luck!!