Monday, August 27, 2007


Team USA's U17 team took second place at the Five Nations Cup after falling to the Czech Republic in the final game of the tournament. Steven Whitney was Team USA's top goal scorer. It also sounded like a nice tournament for Minnesotan high schoolers, including Blake's Josh Birkholz, St. Thomas Academy's Ryan Walters, and Edina's Zach Budish.

Lake Superior recruited a defenseman named Kitzmiller. I wonder if he shops at the Lumbar Yard and swims in the East River? Perhaps the Lakers will also be interested in Todd Gack. I think he's Dutch.

Chris Heisenberg lists KJ Tiefenwerth as committing to Boston College. Tiefenwerth is considered one of the better '92 born players in the country. He was also considering some other eastern schools, but chose the Eagles.

Former Yale coach Tim Taylor will be coaching with the NTDP. Taylor was one of the most outspoken critics of kids choosing colleges early, so it is kind of interesting to see him at a program where kids choose their college extremely early.

Michigan native RJ Mahalak signed with the Plymouth Whalers.


Anonymous said...

Chris, is KJ Tiefenwerth a shoe-in for the NTDP?

Anonymous said...

What's the word on where Budish is considering?

Anonymous said...

heard budish and walters are considering north dakota? any word chris?

along with roseaus landman and their goalie lee

Anonymous said...

I would be very surprised to hear that Budish ends up anywhere other than Minnesota, especially given his father was a football player there and the family has strong ties to the university.

Anonymous said...

Where did this blog entry mention anything concerning Budish? Why does everybody have a hard-on for that kid?

Anonymous said...

Word has it from a great source Walters is visiting Wisconsin this Friday morning before the first elite one weekend. STA coached were also overheard saying that Harvard,Princeton,Cornell,Clarkson,Yale lots of IVY are interested.

I beleive he will make a decsion soon if the Gophers offer. The decision will be between ND,Gophs and UMD. Lots of kids that aren't committed are unsure of the Biorkholz committment. They say he is a horrible locker room guy. Hope the good players don't base their deciosn on this one player if it is true.