Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Max Giese's Draft Preview

Max Giese, who writes for McKeen's Hockey has released his NHL Draft rankings.

His top three are: Turris, Kane, and Voracek. He also likes the American defenseman more than most, putting three of them in his top 10.


Appleton SNiper said...

"Max Giese is a scout for McKeen’s Hockey. His general focus is on players from the USHL and NCAA, but Max keeps a keen eye on talent from around the world. The following is his top 100 NHL eligible players for the 2007 NHL Entry Draft, and the top 5 prospects broken down by attribute. Max is also a regular contributor on the Hockeys Future messageboards and on Sharkspage.com"

This Expert is a 19 year old from wisconsin who never played above high school hockey. He has never seena ll these prospects, and should be crucified for pretending he has seen all these players, what a joke!

Anonymous said...

Do you really think the experts have seen them all? He put alot of time and effort into the write-up with alot of research, what is the problem? He has a bias for Wisconsin that is pretty evident, but attack the list not the person.

saginaw55 said...

Before you critize you talentless Hack know that Ken Hitchcock, yes the same one that won the Stanley Cup played no hockey. So keep your ridicolous comments to yourself as clearly you are a fool who could never or would never put fourth any type of effort to produce anything remotely creative. The punchline is you my friend and the ever so true reality is that You have always been the joke!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have seen each and every one of the players that I have ranked and profiled several times either on tape or in person myself.

What does playing beyond high school hockey have to do with having an eye for talent?

Also, I was going to play for the Wisconsin Mustangs and received interest from the Marquette Rangers. I chose to go with following my dream of becoming a scout.