Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Two Departures

Credit to the INCH Update Desk for being the first place I saw these.

Alaska's Kyle Greentree and Bowling Green's Jonathan Matsumoto have both signed professional contracts with the Philadelphia Flyers. Greentree was an undrafted free agent, while Matsumoto was drafted by the Flyers in the third round of last year's draft.

Neither departure is particularly surprising. Both players had good years on teams that struggled. Greentree was born in 1983, so it was probably important for him to start his pro career as soon as possible.

One potential sidenote to this is that if Philly is signing a bunch of forwards for next season, perhaps they may be willing to let St. Cloud's Andreas Nodl stay in school for at least another year before signing him.


redwing77 said...

Who's Fraser? Do you mean Greentree?

Anonymous said...

I hope they don't sign Nodl, I'm from the area and I get to quite a few Husky games and boy is he a treat to watch. He is a wizard with the puck and has good size with tremendous speed. The only thing really holding him back in my opinion is the ability to play at a high speed all the time. The little Lasch kid is a pretty darn good player himself. If the puck is within the reach of his stick.... he has it. Should be interesting where he will be at, at the end of his 4 years at SCSU.

Anonymous said...

any idea where these two are bing assigned?

green hornet said...

It is a good idea for the Flyers to sign Nodl ASAP.

redwing77 said...

Both assigned to the AHL.