Sunday, March 25, 2007

Minnesota Survives

Minnesota's win over Air Force wasn't the prettiest, but they got the job done in the first round and will move on to face North Dakota today after defeating the Falcons 4-3.

Air Force needed to play pretty much perfect to win and have some breaks go their way, and they did for the first 50 minutes, but their luck ran out at the end. It was a valiant effort on their part.

Minnesota didn't seem pleased or satisfied with the way that they had to win, but in the NCAA tournament, survival is the most important thing.


Anonymous said...

Lucia Sucks!!! Both of them. Minnesota has regressed under Don Lucia since the beginning of the year. He plays his boy every other shift now, and guess how many goals Tony Lucia was on the ice for when North Dakota scored. I am so amazed at how well the team played early in the year, and how poorly they played towards the end. I blame Don Lucia. I feel sorry for Johnson and Okposo if they have to endure another year under Lucia. Lucia does not COACH, he demeans and is overly critical without offering any support. He leaves that us to his assistants. I wish Lucia would leave the program.

Anonymous said...

And notice how Lucia never makes himself available after a loss. He is coasting and not earning his salary. As a taxpayer helping pay for his salary, I would love to seem him let go and bring in some new fresh blood that is hungry to coach. There is NO EXCUSE to the way the team shut down the last half of the season. And by the way, did they ever coach the centers on how to win a face off. That was a terrible display. And Peltier needs to find a new sport. I think he gave up the puck for one goal and may have been on the ice for the other two. He certainly did cover his guy on the overtime winner.

redwing77 said...

Even as a sioux fan, all I can do is roll my eyes at the two posts previous to mine. Lucia is a fine coach who practices a very different style of hockey than nearly every other WCHA team (though SCSU is fast becoming a team under the same mold thanks to the coach).

He's well respected and, though he says some dumb things in press conferences (except last night after the loss) he is a quality coach. If he does leave Minnesota, it will be to the NHL.