Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Contest

I'm sure that many of you were dying to know how things stood after the first weekend of the WCH Pick'em Contest. Before I get to the results, I'd just to thank everyone that took the time to enter. In a way, you're all winners, but in another, much more meaningful way, there can only be one.

There were a lot of upsets in this year's tournament, making the tournament difficult to predict. It's probably no surprise then, that the guy in first place is probably the guy that has watched more hockey this year than anyone else. In first place with 30 points, is an amateur scout for a NHL organization in the Western Conference. Not only is he in first place overall, he's also the only person that can get all three Frozen Four games correct, as he has North Dakota beating Michigan State in the final.

Further proof of how vital hockey knowledge is in a contest like this, I finished in dead last with a meager 7 points. Apparently "Everyone else is picking BC, what the heck, I'll take New Hampshire" was a poor strategy. As was picking St. Cloud to win even one game in the NCAA tournament.

Two other people still have a chance at taking the lead in the Frozen Four. The one current NCAA hockey player in the contest will be the winner if Maine wins the national title. Tim Williams, of The Blog that Yost Built will be the winner if Boston College wins the national title.


Anonymous said...
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Chris said...

Normally I don't delete stuff, but that probably shouldn't be posted since you need a subscription to read it.

Kevin said...

Let it be known that the fact that I'm kicking your ass is definitely in the public domain.


Anonymous said...

Then let me retype, Jimmy Hayes for the U18, But is only a JR in HS.

Has said NO to the Great USHL and the Ohio Jr B's.

And he is looking into the QMJHL. Which is smart. Look at all the early departures. Why go to school for 1 yr.

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