Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday Recap

St. Cloud kept their slim WCHA title hopes alive with a convincing 5-1 win over Minnesota. The Huskies seemed pretty dominant in this game, while Minnesota did not play their best game.

Ferris State beat CCHA champion Notre Dame 5-2. David Brown gave up 5 goals on 20 shots, which can't help his Hobey campaign.

Minnesota State helped out some of their conference mates by beating Colorado College 3-2 tonight. The win moves MSU closer to the all-important 25th spot in the RPI.

Western Michigan tried to hold on to that 25th spot by beating Lake Superior 3-1.

Denver was able to beat North Dakota 4-3 in overtime, giving the Pioneers the upperhand in the race for 3rd in the WCHA.

Michigan was able to come from behind and beat Ohio State in Columbus 4-3. T.J. Hensick had the game-tying goal at the end of the second period, and Brandon Naurato won the game late in the third.

Duluth beat Alaska-Anchorage, creating a tie for 9th place in the WCHA. The outcome of tomorrow's game could be the difference between going to Minnesota and St. Cloud.

Michigan Tech stayed even with Minnesota State for 7th in the WCHA by beating Wisconsin 2-0. The Badgers looked like they were making a run in the WCHA, but this loss really hurts.

Elsewhere in the CCHA, Miami beat Northern Michigan 4-1, Michigan State beat Bowling Green 5-3, and Nebraska-Omaha won 4-3 in Alaska.

In high school hockey, the state tournament had its first upset. In section 5A, 7th seeded Spring Lake Park(former HS of NHLer David Backes, and Colorado College's Addison DeBoer) beat 2nd seeded Breck 5-4 in overtime.

Cretin-Derham Hall continued their relatively easy march through their section with a 10-3 win over St. Paul Johnson.

Tomorrow is a big day for the state tournaments, as most of the sections will play their semifinal round.


Anonymous said...

Brown gave up 4 on 19 shots. The 5th was an ENG.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota has BIG issues, as good as Goligosky is as an offensive threat, he is just as bad as a defensemen. With the exception of Johnson and perhaps Fischer, Minnesota has terrible defensive defensemen. Looks how many goals they have given up in the past few home games. And add the fact that they do not have solid goaltending, I look for them to choke during tournament time. And Don Lucia is perhaps the most over rated coach in the league.

zooomx said...

I would not go as far as saying Lucia is overrated. He did turn around the Minnesota program. However, I think the team was overrated this year. They are very young and don't seem to be able to rise above adversity. This weekend showed that St. Cloud State is the team to beat in the West this year. Best goaltender in the country. Great young players meshing with solid blue-collar upperclassmen.
I just hope SCSU can keep Motzko happy in the long term, so we don't lose him.

Anonymous said...

What did last weekend against Wisconsin show when SCSU took 1 point off a mediocre BADger team zoomx?

Go ahead and look past UND and then come back next week with your pronouncements about Jan Brady being the best in the West. It's funny how anointing a team that's won precisely nothing is okay for one set of fans but draws screams of protest from everyone when certain programs do it.

zooomx said...

ok "anonymous"... if that is your real name. Nobody anointed anyone. Where my comments did not attack your program... you comment from the gutter like most Gopher fans. It is just so hilarious how any college hockey story or comment is viciously attacked if it does not glorify the Gophers.

Did you watch the games this weekend??? Any objective observer would conclude that SCSU with it's defense and goaltending looks more solid going into the playoffs than the U. Even the U of M announcers made similar comments last night. Take the chip off your shoulder... jeeez!

Anonymous said...

I am not one with the chip on my shoulder. You act like you've already swept a team which beat you and tied you earlier this season.

You had a good weekend against the Gophers and you had a bad weekend last week against the BADgers. Those two things kind of cancel each other out to me. When/if you beat UND then you can crow about being "the team to beat in the West."

Again it's hilarious to hear someone from another team care about what Frank and Doug have to say because usually all we hear is what homers they are. The straw man about expecting only praise of the Gophers is especially funny given the treatment they receive on this site. I'd be thrilled with fair on a regular basis.

Also no where in my post do I say or imply the Gophers deserve glory for their play this weekend. They looked awful Friday. They dominated the first two periods Saturday and then looked tired and mediocre in the third. While I will give you BOBBY111 playing well. The best thing I can say about your defense is they made few mistakes. They gave up 42 shots on goal Saturday. That was hardly a dominant performance in my book.

You are the typical St. Clown fan you make things up to justify your wild rants.

By the way saying somebody is the best in a region is anointing them.

zooomx said...

two wins... two ties against your team in head to head. You are ranked first or second most of the year. I would think that, in itself would make my comments fairly reasonable. I will not lower myself to personal attacks. Search the college hockey articles over the past few weeks and most agree that SCSU is a dangerous team going into the playoffs. So, neither am I making things up or wildly ranting.
I rank Minnesota a close second, with pretty scary teams right behind both of us in the WCHA.
As history has proven in the past, any of the top 4 or 5 teams in our league could get hot and win it all. I, unlike you, will cheer the WCHA teams that make it in the NCAA's. I won't be a hater like you.

Anonymous said...

LUCIA IS OVERRATED! And so are the Gophers. Two words for Lucia....Holy Cross. A repeat of that disaster and I think Lucia should think twice about how he belittles and treats his players.

Anonymous said...


I don't know whether your hatred of the Gophers blinds you or you suffer severe reading comprehension problems or you "ride the short bus." Maybe all three since your a Jan Bradyite.

The team this Gopher fan has been referring to in all of his posts is UND. The team in green and white. They play in Grand Forks in in the Adolph-lover's arena. The team with the controversial name. Ringing any bells yet.

I realize fans all over Stearns county likely think the season has ended with your sweep of the Gophers. But news flash, SCSU plays UND this weekend.

Against UND your team is 0-1-1. Still with me. UND also swept the Gophers, but they did it at Mariucci twice and were much more impressive offensively. SCSU has a slight advantage in goal and UND has an offensive advantage. If, as I have already said, you can sweep UND then you have the right to anoint your team the best in the West and crow about it. Until then your still in second place and have a losing record against UND.

You might want to tell BOBBY111 if he leaves those nice juicy Friday-night rebounds against the Toews-Oshie-Dunncan line he will be retrieving many of them from the back of his own net. Since Frank and Doug made the comment about BOBBY111 making the first save but leaving lots of rebounds I know you will revere it as gospel.

Again since I don't think much of either your intellect or your comprehension I don't appreciate your feeble attempt to put words in my mouth. I never said or implied SCSU wasn't a good team. I pointed out the SCSU performances in Madison should temper some of your exuberant enthusiasm. And until the Huskies dominate UND they can hardly be "the best in the West."

Lastly I am a fan of Minnesota and I cheer for them. I don't cheer for the WCHA. And fans like you make it unthinkable to cheer for your team.

zooomx said...

wow!! You are even a bigger retard then I thought. You are putting UND ahead of SCSU? Well... you are the only person I can find that has that opinion. UND is 18-12-4 and ranked 8th in most polls and statistical ranking measures. They have a great team, but you are crazy to say SCSU is not better than they are at this point in the season. Put the bottle down, sober up, and then come back in and discuss it like an adult.

Anonymous said...

I have heard how drunken, unintelligent, and Meth-addled SCSU fans are and truly you have not disappointed. Learning to comprehend and not just move your lips when your eyes see the words would be a good place to start. No where in my post did I say UND was better than SCSU. I said UND was more impressive when they played the Gophers. You came on here crowing about how Jan Brady State University was the "team to beat in the West." I merely pointed out. Number one, you have two games left in regular season. And two, that your team is 0-1-1 against it's next opponent. And until you prove you can handle the Sue, you are most assuredly not the team to beat. Please don't put down the pipe or sober up. You're so much more fun in a drunken Meth fueled rage. Be careful though, I hear that's how a lot of you guys lose your Artic Cat jackets.

zooomx said...

so...enlighten me. Who is the team to beat in the West? If you are going to slam someone's opinion, then give the alternative. Is it Minnesota? No. Is it UND? No. Who is it. Set me straight. If you look at my original post I don't think a rational person would categorize it as crowing, and it appears most of the college hockey world agrees.
Yes, we will struggle with UND. Yes, we may pull a Gopher and lose to a team like Holy Cross in the NCAA's. That is why they play the games.
However, everyone with an objective perspective would agree that SCSU is currently the team to beat in the West. If you don't agree, fine... tell me who is?

Anonymous said...

Evening though enlightening a St. Clown fan has no prayer of success. I bored so I'll give it a shot.

I'll be happy to tell you who the best Western team is when the season is over. Until then there is no team to beat in the West because the data is incomplete. This is your quote.

"This weekend showed that St. Cloud State is the team to beat in the West this year."

If UND were to sweep SCSU convincingly, to me, they are the team to beat. That a sweep is unlikely to happen, is as true this week as it was last week, before the Minnesota-SCSU series. Look how that turned out. You came on here bragging on your team. I tried to temper your exuberance by reminding you that SCSU lost to and tied a below .500 BADger team the previous week and that SCSU had two games left with the Sue a team that SCSU is 0-1-1 against.

Then you spazzed out about everything being about the Gophers went on a rant about things that were never implied let alone written. If you think your behavior has been rational or reasonable, get a clue. You are the very definition of a fanboy, one who can function only when everyone agrees completely with his conclusions.

Any one who is objective will wait until the season is over and the picture is made clear. Or at least clearer because this weekend may only prove there is not a team to beat in the West.

Minnesota will likely have the best record. SCSU is 2-0-2 against Minnesota. But SCSU is 0-1-1 against UND and 2-2 against Denver. So it may end up that there really isn't a team to beat in the West, but rather teams. That is to say four really good teams.

zooomx said...

Thanks gopher fan. I bet a friend that I could string you along for 4 days and that you would keep coming back more juvenile each time. I will toast you with my first beer (: Now log off your computer before the teacher catches you.