Friday, December 22, 2006

NHL Draft Rankings

Posting might slow down a little bit over the holidays, so I'm trying to post some stuff I've got saved up for your reading pleasure.

Originally, I wanted to make a list with everybody in North America, but that's a little tough to do. So I thought I'd do all of North America for the first round or so. The problem with that is that this year seems to be all over the board. So it makes it kind of difficult to gather a bunch of respected opinions on players and mold that into a list when some players go from top 5 picks to outside the first round in a matter of weeks. So I decided to stick with what I felt comfortable with. My list is mostly American kids, with a few Canadian kids with college hockey ties that I feel like I have solid notes on mixed in. The Limited Viewing guys are the "A" prospects according to the Central Scouting Bureau that I didn't know much about.

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Anonymous said...

Is this your order and if so can you put them in the rounds that you feel they will go. NHL CSB will put out thier mid-trem report in rounds in Mid-Jan. (After WJC)

This is a good idea. To put out the NHL draftable players.

Anonymous said...

1st round
Sam Gagner London(OHL)
James van Riemsdyk NTDP
Kyle Turris Burnaby(BCHL)
Pat Kane London(OHL)
Jon Blum Vancouver
Nick Petrecki Omaha(USHL)
Mike Hoeffel NTDP

2nd round
Drayson Bowman Spokane (WHL) WA
Kevin Shattenkirk NTDP
Jim O’Brien Minnesota
Billy Sweatt Colorado College
Ted Ruth NTDP
Ben Blood Shattuck-St. Mary’s
Jeremy Smith Plymouth(OHL)
Casey Pie-Zab Merritt (BCHL)

3rd round
Ryan McDonagh Cret-Der Hall(USHSW)
Dion Knelsen Alaska
Max Pacioretty Sioux City(USHL)
Pat White Grand Rapids(USHSW)
Aaron Palushaj Des Moines(USHL)
Brad Malone Sioux Falls(USHL)
Tristin Llewellyn Tri-City(USHL)
Nick Larson Hill-Murray(USHSW)
John Lee Moorhead(USHSW)
Brendan Smith St. Michaels(OPJHL)
Brad Phillips NTDP

4th round
Nick Palmieri Erie(OHL)
Ben Winnett Salmon Arm(BCHL)
Ben Ryan Des Moines(USHL)
Colby Cohen Lincoln(USHL)
Matt Smyth Brampton (OHL) FLA
Maxim Gratchev Rimouski (QMJHL) MA

5th round
Tommy Cross Westminster Prep(USHSE)
Riley Nash Salmon Arm(BCHL)
Justin Vaive NTDP
T.J. Galiardi Dartmouth
Reid Ellingson Cloquet(USHSW)
Pat Maroon St Louis (NAHL)
Blake Kessel Waterloo (USHL)

6th round
Nico Sacchetti Virginia(USHSW)
Louie Caporusso St. Mike’s(OPJHL)
Tyler Kieffer Stillwater(USHSW)
Austin Lee Fargo-Moorhead(NAHL)
Eric Tangradi Bellville (OHL) PA
John Heffernan USHSE
Drew MacKenzie USHSE

7th round
Brock Trotter Denver
Jason Gregoire Lincoln(USHL)
Taylor Matson Holy Angels(USHSW)
C.J. Severyn NTDP
Cade Fairchild NTDP
Jack Downing Omaha(USHL)
Jeremie Dupont Nebraska-Omaha
Kent Patterson Cedar Rapids(USHL)
Paul Carey USHSE

Not a Draft
Ryan Lasch St. Cloud
Travis Oleksuk Sioux City(USHL)
Travis Erstad Steven’s Point(USHSW)
Tyler Johnson Cloquet(USHSW)
Brennan Vargas NTDP
Alec Martinez Miami
Josh Unice NTDP
Brian Gibbons USHSE

Chris said...

It is in order, but I decided against putting them in rounds, because I didn't know as much about the Canadian and European players, so it's tough to tell.

I'd say the top 14 guys all have a chance of going in the first round(not that all 14 will, but they all have a great chance).

Anonymous said...

At least 75% of people who read this will try to lick their elbow!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, but all will be playing major A by next season and some this year.

James Van Riemsdyk Bramp (OHL)
Kyle Turris Van (WHL)
Nick Petrecki Ply (OHL)
Brad Malone Hal (QMJHL)
Tristin Llewellyn Sag (OHL)
Brendan Smith St. Mike's (OHL)
Colby Cohen Bramp (OHL)
C.J. Severyn Ply (OHL)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the pro organization wants its players playing major juniors.

More games, better players,rule are just like the NHL, just makes sence to go Major A.

Anonymous said...

ISS TOP 30 Dec
# Name Pos Birth Date S/C
Hgt. Wgt. Team League

1 Voracek, Jakub RW 8/15/89 L
6.02 188 Halifax QMJHL

2 Van Riemsdyk, James LW 5/4/89 L
6.03 200 USA Under-18 NTDP

3 Esposito, Angelo C 2/20/89 L
6.01 180 Quebec QMJHL

4 Couture, Logan C 3/28/89 L
6.00.5 188 Ottawa OHL

5 Alzner, Karl LD 9/24/88 L
6.02 209 Calgary WHL

6 Gagner, Sam C 8/10/89 R
5.10.5 190 London OHL

7 Petrecki, Nick LD 7/11/89 L
6.03 213 Omaha USHL

8 Ellerby, Keaton LD 11/5/88 L
6.03.5 194 Kamloops WHL

9 Turris, Kyle C 8/14/89 R
6.01 170 Burnaby BCHL

10 Gillies, Colton C 2/12/89 L
6.03.5 185 Saskatoon WHL

11 Kane, Patrick RW 11/19/88 L
5.09.5 162 London OHL

12 Negrin, John LD 3/26/89 L
6.02 198 Kootenay WHL

13 Katic, Mark LD 5/9/89 L
5.10 180 Sarnia OHL

14 Mayorov, Maxim LW 3/26/89 L
6.02 187 Leninogorsk RusS

15 O'Brien, Jim (Fr.) C 1/29/89 R
6.02 189 Minnesota WCHA

16 Blum, John RD 1/30/89 R
6.00 163 Vancouver WHL

17 Plante, Alex RD 5/9/89 R
6.04 220 Calgary WHL

18 Veilleux, Keven C 6/27/89 R
6.04.5 195 Victoriaville QMJHL

19 Hickey, Thomas LD 2/8/89 L
5.10.5 195 Seattle WHL

20 Repik, Michael RW 12/31/88 R
5.10.5 184 Vancouver WHL

21 Doyle, Eric RD 4/5/89 R
6.02.5 194 Everett WHL

22 Cherepanov, Alexei RW 1/15/89 L
6.00 183 Omsk RusE

23 Shattenkirk, Kevin RD 1/29/89 R
5.11 193 USA Under-18 NTDP

24 Stich, David RD 4/15/89 L
6.02 205 Saint John QMJHL

25 Lavin, Joe LD 7/17/89 L
6.01.5 195 USA Under-18 NTDP

26 Ross, Nick LD 2/10/89 L
6.00.5 195 Regina WHL

27 Gratchev, Max LW 9/26/88 L
5.11 195 Rimouski QMJHL

28 Cunti, Luca LW 7/4/89 L
6.00 183 Thurgau SuiB

29 Sutter, Brandon C 2/14/89 R
6.02.5 170 Red Deer WHL

30 McCrae, Justin C 10/30/88 R
6.00 185 Saskatoon WHL

Anonymous said...

Red Line Report's preliminary list of the top eligible prospects for the NHL's 2007 Entry Draft in Columbus, Ohio, on June 23-24.

No. Player Position Height/weight Shoots Date of birth Team

1. Jakub Voracek RW 6-1/178 Left 8/15/89 Halifax

2. Sam Gagner C 5-10/182 Right 8/10/89 London

3. Angelo Esposito C 6-0/181 Left 2/20/89 Quebec

4. Karl Alzner D 6-2/210 Left 9/24/88 Calgary

5. Logan Couture C 6-0/191 Left 3/3/89 Ottawa

6. Kyle Turris RW 6-0/165 Right 8/14/89 Burnaby

7. Nick Petrecki D 6-3/205 Left 7/11/89 Omaha

8. Zach Hamill C 5-11/170 Right 9/23/88 Everett

9. Sergey Korostin C 5-10/178 Left 5/7/89 Dynamo

10. Pat Kane LW 5-10/167 Left 11/19/88 London

Anonymous said...

I can't see O'Brien going higher than Sweatt. Sweatt should have been player of the game for US today vs. Canada. By the way, what did Skille do to deserve an award today? If I were him, I would have given the medal to Sweatt in the dressing romm after the game. Also, I think Kane is more polished than Gagner right now, but Gagner will be bigger and has the bloddline.

Anonymous said...

Theory on Canada beating US repeatedly lately in WJC: Canada's players are all the best players on their Major Junior Teams and used to being the key players. In contrast, many of the US players are not the leaders of their college teams because they are Freshman and Sophomores, and the team spends too much time trying to find a leader (a go to guy)every year. Tough to do in a short time period as this tournament is. Also, this US team relied an awful lot on Kessel for scoring when in the NTDP and he's no longer there. 2 goals/game average won't get it done, as the US does not have a spectacular goalie at this age group to win games on his own. Hard to leave Bobby Ryan off the roster when there was also no Kessel in my opinion.