Friday, December 22, 2006

Calabrese Commits to Notre Dame

Sam Calabrese, a top defenseman for the class of 2009 is the latest blue chip prospect to commit to Notre Dame. Calabrese is a 1991 birthdate, but is playing with Team Illinois' Midget Major team this year.

Calabrese is an extremely skilled offensive defenseman. Perhaps the biggest downside to his game is his lack of size. He is only 5'9" 160 lbs., and seems unlikely to grow a lot more. But what he lacks in size, he greatly makes up for in speed. He is incredibly quick.

Calabrese is an excellent candidate to make the NTDP team next season, and should be an excellent college hockey player. Along with Cam Fowler, Notre Dame should have two of the top freshmen defensemen in 2009.


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Anonymous said...

GO IRISH!!!!!!! another big get for JJ & crew.

Now all they need is a rink.

Anonymous said...

Why are they having such trouble finding the funds for a new venue?
Has someone not explained it to ND that it could quite possibly be a great source of revenue?
The Irish could be the best team in the worst rink.

matt said...

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