Friday, November 03, 2006

Brief Linkorama

It's important because I wrote it. I've got an article about the the North Dakota-St. Cloud series over at College Hockey News. Before I get more emails from angy people who want to point out that you never actually fought a Flying Cloud in Super Mario Bros, and were in fact, fighting the guy that threw shells at you while he was riding a cloud, I'd like to say that the tone of the article is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.

Fellow blogger Damien Goddard also has a column over there.

Correspondent Dane DeKrey examines why T.J. Oshie and Jonathan Toews aren't dominating the way people expected. From my experience last weekend, Oshie is having a tough time getting on the scoresheet, but is still one of the most talented players in college hockey, and is doing a lot of the little things really well. The scoring will come eventually as well.

INCH cooked up a little controversy when their WCHA Notebook suggest Minnesota State might be looking for a new bull logo yet again. It sounds like that isn't going happen, but then again, it wouldn't surprise me if it still did. Their CCHA notebook looks at the success of underagers Dion Knelsen and Jeremie Dupont.

Eric Schmoldt previews the WCHA weekend for USCHO while Paula Weston previews the CCHA. I haven't heard anyone complaining about Paula yet this season. What gives?


Anonymous said...

You did not go down the seawolf trail and bring them into the mix in that article!!!! You are lucky i am like 2,500 miles (give or take a few) away! Yeah how better to show the Spirit of the state we represent by using a creature that was important in the mythological teachings of our people. It is flattering to our natives and pretty freakin sweet too if you ask me!!! unlike the "fighting" sioux yeah that is nice lets characterize our native american brothers as violent people! well i think they do actually have a very violent past but no reason to characterize them like that. And at least we were creative up here and didn't use little furry critters like a couple midwest states did. And i mean bulldogs and huskies way over used they are each like one out of a plethora of schools with those names. And can I make some fun of the gophers, how threatening is a little gopher get out a little rifle, i don't even know what caliber you use since we don't have them, but i would think a nice .22 with a scope would do the trick. I mean how intimidating is a gopher??? At least it might be funny when they win games, you just lost to a little furry critter, how cute! AHHHHHHHH No not anymore No, yeah felt that sting to many times in the past.

a Seawolf who loves his mascot!!!

Kevin said...

Gophers and Badgers are the mascots for Minnesota/Wisconsin because those animals burrow underground, which is meant to represent the miners that used to be prevalent in those two states (I think Northern Minnesota and Southeast Wisconsin).

The name of the guy throwing stuff out of the cloud is called Lakitu. He's so worthless he got demoted to camera man in Super Mario 64.

Anonymous said...

However, the "mascot" picture for the GOPHERS is actually a 13 lined ground squirrel (better known as "stripies" to Minnesotans). I find it interesting that they don't even have the right rodent pictured as their mascot.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Latiku, and he was only harmless if you had the fire flower, otherwise he kept on tossing Spiny at you, and you just had to run like hell.

Anonymous said...

Hey, love this site man. These dudes has some nice info about NMU hockey if you are interested....little CCHA action for you.


Anonymous said...

college hockey news just plain sucks at what they do.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, they seem to do a decent job. The scores on your cell phone is pretty good but it means I have to keep my phone charged, my battery is just about dead.

Anonymous said...

Kevin you are correct on the badger name. The badger name comes from the lead miners of southwestern wisconsin along the mississippi river near Prairie du Chien. As for the gopher name it has little to do with burrowing animals. Minnesota was tabbed the Gopher State in 1857 after a satirizing cartoon, depicting nine Gophers with the heads of local politicians pulling a locomotive, was published. The story was over legislative action for a $5 million railroad proposal in western Minnesota. Later, the University picked up the nickname.
Carry on.