Friday, March 31, 2006

Totally Biased!!! Linkorama

Just because it angers you.

Me biased? Well, maybe a little.

Thank God these grades aren't reflected in Michigan's APR score. Packer is a stern grader; stern but fair. He pretty much nails it on the head though.

What good would an irrational bias be without a little bit of this.

I'm not sure how this Runnin' with the Dogs post fits into my master plan, but it's pretty funny. Speaking of tough graders...Yeesh.

Oh, and if shamelessly plugging my own work counts as a bias: guilty as charged.


Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, isn't that the year Michigan shit the bed against BU in the semifinals???

THE YEAR .... when they had like four or five future NHL regulars in their lineup?

Packer487 said...

That goal? No. Michigan went on to win the title that year. I believe the game broadcast is from the 98 title game, that Michigan also won.

Nice memories....

Donald said...

I've been dissed horribly. No love for the homerest of homer Blog entries? And I thought I was acting in the best tradition of the greats like Glen Sonmor. Ok ... sure I didn't drive down to talk to a counterfeiter about staying home for school but I did make a homeristic plea.

Anonymous said...

Sonmor went to talk to Parise. Not the counterfeiter Bochenski. Somebody give Drop the Puck a history lesson!

Donald said...

Alcohol clouding the already age impaired memory cells. Sigh. How could I get Bucks and Jesus confused? The smartassery hall of fame people ain't gonna knock on my door now.

I will not post at 2am. I will not post at 2am. I will not post at 2am.