Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lucia Ill

Minnesota head coach Don Lucia missed last night's game against Brown with an undisclosed illness. Lucia has undergone a series of tests to find out what is wrong, and so far, nothing has been released, though athletic director Joel Maturi said that major problems have been ruled out.

On WCCO radio last night, Dark Star reported that Lucia had Bell's Palsy, though two things should be kept in mind. First, he's like a 90-year-old man calls himself 'Dark Star' with a straight face, and second, he's a Twin Cities media personality, meaning he's probably wrong.

In any case, hopefully Lucia will have a speedy recovery to whatever is ailing him.


Anonymous said...

I had a close friend who had Bell's Palsy. It can be quite scary for the person as usually half your face is paralyzed and it seems like you had a stroke. The symptoms usually subside with time and ibuprofen. It is more of a situation that is stigmatizing to the person rather than life-threatening (you look kinda freakish).

Good luck to Mr Lucia!

Anonymous said...

It is NOT Bell's Palsy...they don't know what it is...more tests Friday, so he'll miss the UND series in Grand Forks.