Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Don Lucia doesn't have cancer, which is certainly good news.

A feature on Bowling Green's Dan Sexton. Sexton had actually committed to a school out east before decommitting and taking his chances at getting another offer, and eventually got one he liked from BG.

Former St. Cloud State forward George Awada is a hockey star in Ireland. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there about hockey culture in Ireland.

The OHL is instituting an automatic one-game suspension for playersthat remove their helmet prior to fights. Clearly no such rule exists in the WCHA.

Brandon Burlon looks poised for a big second half for Michigan.

Who would have guessed that getting swept by a weak Northern Michigan team would have negative consequences. It would be a funny coincidence if Northern Michigan kept Wisconsin out of the NCAA tournament this year, given that it was a weird comparison between Minnesota State and Northern Michigan somehow won by NMU that put Wisconsin into the NCAA tournament last year.


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Anonymous said...

Does the CCHA or any NCAA league have a removal of helmet rule?

Anonymous said...

I think Irish hockey would be very entertaining. Instead of Powerade or Gatorade in the bottles, they'd have Guiness.

The team that can still skate and maneuver with the puck at the end of 3 periods wins. :D

Anonymous said...

Cool Awada piece -- I was a big fan of his at St. Could and actually had a conversation some weeks back about whatever became of him.

Kramer said...

hard to believe there's no mention of the player (on Whitby Dunlops of over 21 Ontario league) who went into a coma and then died after losing a fight, when head hit the ice (without a helmet); fighting may be a necessary component of the game, but intentionally removing the helmet is just moronic !