Wednesday, January 07, 2009


There's not much to update on Minnesota head coach Don Lucia. "Dark Star" turned out to be wrong--and a bit of a douche--about the Bell's Palsy rumor. He'll miss this weekend's series against North Dakota. Apparently they're still running tests in hopes of finding out what is ailing him. This sounds like a House case.

Jase Weslosky is ready to play for St. Cloud this weekend. He missed St. Cloud's trip to Florida due to academic problems, and there were rumors that he'd be done for the year. It's a huge break for the Huskies, because I'm not sure Dan Dunn could have carried them for the second half of the year. Also, Jared Festler will likely miss this weekend's game with an ankle injury.

Nick Eno has been cleared to play for Bowling Green. The Falcons are currently tied for last place in the league, but have games in hand on just about everybody, and Eno's presence in goal could improve their defense and give them a big shot in the arm.

The article also has more on the Jacob Cepis situation:
"Jacob Cepis, a sophomore center who quit the Falcons Dec. 18, has been granted his release by BG which allows him to transfer to another school.
The release, however, does not allow him to transfer to another CCHA school.
Third-ranked Boston University, No. 5 Denver and Massachusetts remain the most popular schools on the rumor mill for where Cepis will end up. But No. 4 Minnesota and No. 14 Wisconsin still remain on the rumor mill.
Cepis is expected to be enrolled at his new school for the upcoming semester, allowing him to play the second half of next season.
If he’s not enrolled for the upcoming semester, he’ll have to sit out all of next season under NCAA rules."

Mark Mitera skated in practice this week after undergoing knee surgery in November. Red Berenson was skeptical about him playing in a game this year though.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, did Dark Starr take your lunch money one time or what??

Anonymous said...

I remember Cepis's parents bitching about the coaching situation and the overall BGSU atmosphere. He didn't like doesn't suprise me that a player like Cepis is going to be playing at a high caliber school like Minnesota, BU or Denver. He is a hell of a player no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the atmosphere blow at Denver and Minnesota too. Fans just sitting on their hands just like Bowling Green.

Anonymous said...

I love lamp.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a much better atmosphere when 10,000 drunken basketball fans cheer the red team touching the puck at center ice.

I'm sure Cepis would love playing for Eaves, he'll have about thirty fellow forwards from which to choose his line-mates. And if he's not happy with those choices, I'm sure Eaves will have at least a dozen more commitments by Summer. If he's unhappy hopefully he goes to an assistant coach to complain thereby avoiding the Eaves method of conflict resolution, a punch in the face.

Anonymous said...

Fury rookie forward Alex Kubiak has accepted an official NCAA
visit to Division I, Yale University (ECAC) for later this month. After
meeting with the Yale assi stant coach two weeks ago, the Tinley Park, IL
native came away with an offer to attend Yale in 2010 or 2011. The slick
skating Kubiak will take his official visit to tour the campus, see a game
and meet the entire staff and get an up close look at one of the top
universities in the world. "It's a very exciting time right now for Alex I'm
sure" says Fury Head Coach Nick Pollos. "He has had some major interest from
several Division I schools, it can be both exciting and confusing to a kid
but he has handled it well." Kubiak is also expected to be drafted in the
United States Hockey League Draft in May.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty sad when the Minnesota Wild has a better atmosphere than Minnesota Gophers games. And FYI I'm not a Badger fan, I'm a St. Cloud fan. Rip all you want, but our crowds are nothing like the stale atmosphere that exists in the Mooch.

Anonymous said...

Cepis to Minnesota.

I watched part of the game last night when St. Clown played UMD. If that's the atmosphere you're all so proud about, you probably need to unwrap the Polaris jacket from around your head. For the first period and most of the second, the Concrete Center was a morgue.

It explains everything that a Jan Brady fan is impressed by the noise of 10,000 basketball fans cheering when a Badger player touches the puck at central ice. Congrats on the Paint Thinner connection.