Monday, December 15, 2008

New Commits

Lincoln Stars captain Chris Forfar committed to Michigan State over the weekend.

Defenseman Danny Biega committed to Harvard. His two brothers play for the Crimson.

Blake Geoffrion's brother Sebastien committed to Alabama-Huntsville. Huntsville is only about a 100 miles from his hometown of Brentwood, Tennessee.


Anonymous said...

Nick Pryor has committed to Maine.

Anonymous said...

Looks like passing clearing house wasn't prior's problem with Wisconsin. Have to believe other issues with with Wisconsin came into play. Four de-commits signal more issues than kids grades.

Andy Johnson said...

The clearing house wasn't the issue. The issue was he didn't have the test scores to gain admission to Wisconsin. It came straight from the horses mouth.

Wiercoich took an opportunity to come to the WCHA a year earlier due to Denvers loss of Carle. If Carle never has his issues, Wiercoich is still on track to UW.

I'm not even sure how you can bring up Erstad as a de-commit. Just because the kid decided he wanted to go to college now and play D-3, shouldn't be Wisconsin's problem. It was an absolutely terrible decision on his part.

The only real de-commit has been Montpetit.

You can all keep hating on the Wisconsin program because your jealous that they still bring in top notch recruits and you all don't understand why. Get your facts straight first before you start spouting off.

Anonymous said...

This anonymous fetish over UW recruiting really has to stop. Pryor wanted to move on in another direction...who cares? UW filled his spot in short order with a quality prospect in Ramage. The next kid that changes his mind won't be the last and a quality program like UW will have lots of kids waiting to happily get an oppurtunity to play there.

"More issues" like a quality program like DU had a spot for this year when Carle had his career end, or a kid wanted to be the big fish in the home town pond instead of playing in the USHL another year before going to UW? Eaves, BUcky Badger, and all things red are evil because Anony 7:54 says so.

Anonymous said...

ok wisconsin and their four commits are common? Eaves has created problems at Wisconsin that those with red-colored glasses fail to acknowledge. His "kid in the candy shop recruiting" is a problem with a backlog of recruits, decommits and pushing players to either not come in when promised, or leave. The changing of scholarship amounts was also plays a part. Yes, IT is WISCONSIN and they will always be able to get recruits but Eaves and how he runs the program has created problems.

Chuck Schwartz said...

Anon at 7:03:

Eaves has never pushed a kid back a year that wasn't told he could very well come in, in that second year. If Eaves is not 100% certain on the year, he will tell a kid that he may enter in 08 or 09 depending on departures. These kids know full well when they commit that they may have to wait until 09.

Eaves has also never lied about scholarship money. If your talking about Montpetit, everyone knows that a full scholarship is really 93%. Montpetits father looked pretty foolish with his comments in the paper. No one gets 100.

I'm not ignorant, nor do I agree with everything Eaves has done. I don't like how he low balls in state recruits like he did with Mike Sislo. There are also other things. But the point is, Eaves knows what he's doing, and he's still locking in top notch kids, so for now, all you haters can keep on hating, and we'll keep on locking in great kids and winning championships.

And for good measure, 6 is still more than 5 Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

Is there a place anonymous badger haters here can seek medication or counciling for their obsession with Badger recruiting? Yes perhaps Eaves and Co are to blame for promising Montpetit a "full" scholarship and then pulling the rug out from him and "only" giving him 90% in the 11th hour. Sorry, but a "full" hockey scholarship at every school in almost every situation is a 90%...the mistake may have been in explaining that to the Montpetit family...however if that truely was their hangup...they easily could have verified that 90% is the norm throughout college hockey and I am fairly certain the young man will not get in excess of 90% anywhere else w/o the added benefit of instate tuition at UW (and in fact may have a tough time getting to even that level at one of the elite programs).

Are things perfect in Madison? ....not anymoreso then any other place. Problem for UW and every other top program is you never know who is going to come or go anymore, and as such, you had better have viable options in the recruiting pipeline.

Keep on hatin'

Anonymous said...

Eaves attempted to push Hickey back a year that was never in the conversation, and not a part of either the family or the Wild's plans. Eaves has changed scholarship amounts without being upfront, it is a more common practice of this coaching group than anyone knows.
Why does he do the things he does? Because he believes he can and has gotten away it time after time.Die hards used to say he didn't delay, didn't push out, and didn't change scholarships,now all these explanations?Let's just say, he is MIKE EAVES and it is WISCONSIN. Who cares about these student athletes, who cares about a few recruits that end up never coming, who cares about whether the program is ethically run. It is MIKE EAVES and WISCONSIN and they can do what they want and still get recruits and wins, there is the bottom line for most fans.

Anonymous said...

And since Eaves over-recruits, physically assaults players, and gets rid of players he recruited but haven't developed exactly the way he'd like. Becky will continue to have problems with kids de-committing or missing out on high caliber recruits in the first place. Add to this his high pressure tactics. Plus his mistakes like Crandall and making Wiercoch wait when he was obviously ready this year, you've got a situation becoming worse by the week. Thankfully the paint thinner gulping, trap worshiping, hockey illiterates at the Kohl are sounding the all is well. Somewhere Bill Howard was quoted as saying "HAH HAH!"

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:22 must be a Badger alum; how else to explain use of the non-word "counciling"; let's be honest here, full means 100% at Notre Dame , Miami, BC (schools that are already 45k and up)and most others; as to Eaves, the words already out on his tactics; it's just too bad that some kids are so enamored with the Badger name that they have to learn the hard way.

Anonymous said...

anony 1:24...I see you don't let facts get int he way of a good rant...keep on hatin' seem to be good at it.

You do realize Crandall is 3-1 in his last 4 with a .929 save percentage? I would not label him a "bust quite yet.

"Trap Worshipping"...are you sure YOU are not the hockey "illiterate"? UW is the second highest scoring team in the WCHA and has played a brutual schedule heavily weighted with road games up to this point. If 3.5 goals a game is "trapping", then thank you...I'll have another.

Maybe you should bring up Rowe, Gibson, or Little Heatley at this point of your hating...that's about all you got left as you've already hit most of the usual nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I did not call Crandall a bust. I used the word mistake. Crandall has 5.09 GAA and 84.59 save%, but nice try. Your own fans on USCHO were talking about bringing another goalie in case Crandall or Gudmanson aren't up to replacing Connelly. Are they haters?

The fact that sconnie has scored a lot of goals this season does not change the fact Eaves is first, last, and always defensive style coach. He has been since he arrived. Becky has had to score a lot of goals because they were giving them up in bunches early in the year. 33 goals in seven games for October. Except for that six you gave up to St. Clown, November was much better.

I'm happy you see my criticism as a rant since it means you will continue ignore all detractors and to blindly support Eaves. No better gift could you give to the WCHA.

Anonymous said...

Only the elite programs have the haters.

Anonymous said...

Yes the last WCHA coach to hoist the hardware...a true gift.

Do you troll every other team in the WCHA, or just the Badgers? Are you a rodent fan and angry that the "state of hockey" can't hang on the scoreboard (6>5), or are you a Sue fan that is bitter your coach Hackstool can't win anything despite having argueably the best talent in the league year after year?

Anonymous said...

Yes, but a coach who hoisted the hardware because of the stellar play of Brian Elliott and Bill Howard, the goalie coach, who helped Elliott become an all American. I suggest you look back at that season and Becky's record while Elliott was hurt. Without him, sconnie does even get a whiff of an NCAA championship. I'm not sure they even make the tournament. Yet you choose to give sole credit to guy who has done nothing, except bring discredit to paint-thinner nation and drive Howard to retire. Keep up the great work. The rest of the WCHA thanks you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pavelski, Tom Gilbert, Adam Burish who are playing in the NHL and the 14 other players from that championship team that are skating for pro teams (many at the AHL level) are all grateful to Howie and Elliott for letting them be a small part of their success. You do realize that the entire reason Elliott ever set foot on the UW campus was Eaves and only Eaves right?

How big of a tool do you have to be to start spewing crap about UW under a blog post that has NOTHING to do with UW other then someone (wouldn't be you would it?) posts in the comments section because you are so anxious to spew, that you can't even wait for the blogger to post Pryor to Maine a day or two later?

So which NCAA championship team wins their NC without their starting goalie in the last decade?

Anonymous said...

Thought all of Wisconsin's success was due to Eaves and only Eaves? The way he presents it: he recruits best, develops best, gets them to NHL, and makes them into men they become later in life. Watch his interview after Championship when he says his success will be judged by the men, husbands, fathers his players become. Just a little presumptious to think he in his time with them has that much influence?
When he takes credit for the rotten things he has done to many, people will probably stop the trolling. Thing is his "rotten" stuff keeps growing or maybe just isn't being over-shined by any success as of late.