Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The Michigan Daily had a nice article on the differences between blogs and newspaper coverage. It may seem odd given what I do, but I really do hope newspaper can find a way to get things together. There's a long rant to go with this, but I'll save that for later.

I noticed I got a little criticism for not putting Edina's Anders Lee on my list of Mr. Hockey candidates. That's a fair criticism, but I thought I'd give my reasoning. Personally, I think Marshall Everson is a better player than Lee, and if anybody from Edina is going to win the award now that Zach Budish isn't playing, I think it should be Everson. Lee is also a very good player, but I think part of the reason he's getting so much attention right now is that he's one of the few top prospects out there that hasn't committed to a college, and the Next Big Recruit is always going to get more attention than someone that committed to a school years ago. Of course, if Lee ends up committing to Minnesota, which seems like a very real possibility, I could see him keeping that hype.

On the injury front, Michigan State's Nick Sucharski will miss a lot of time due to a shoulder injury. I'd guess that at this point, he'd opt for surgery.

The UAA Fan Blog wins an irony award for saying in the same post that Anchorage A) needs to build a new arena with a minimum of 6000 seats B) Is giving away a ton of free tickets to seats in their current 6400 seat arena. There's not even a paragraph between the two.

This site got a mention among the top college sports blogs.


Runninwiththedogs said...

Why is Brian so damn orange in those pictures? Who does he think he is, Paris Hilton?

Donald Dunlop said...

UAA's attendance sucks. Why? Because the team finished 10th the last three years. And because there is no "college atmosphere" at a 25 year old municipal rink that is miles from the school.

So if you plan for a future rink on campus what size would you hope it should be? Anyone who didn't plan for something the same size or larger certainly wouldn't be looking for growth in their program. UAA is planning for the future and trying to build community support by giving away tickets to kids certainly isn't anything new to the sports world.

FYI ... When you were running home to hide behind mommy's skirt after getting beaten up by junior high school soccer players ... UAA was in the top ten for attendance.

I'm definitely an asshole but son ... you're a jock-sniffing poser and a petty purse-swinging effeminate hypocrite. And oh yeah ... your girlfriend WANTS me too.

Anonymous said...

If only Chris knew that CCHA stands for Central COLLEGIATE Hockey Association, we'd be in business.

Anonymous said...

Another classic jackass post from one Donald Dunlop....UAA ass extrordinaire.

Don't fall for Donald's junior-high attacks on you...he's definitely not worth it. Funny how in one paragraph he rips at you in refernce to junior high, yet the next sentence he types something that would only come out of a junior high-age mouth. You gotta love his mindless contradictions. Way to go!

Great job providing the info you is a much better read than Donald's blog assertions that "one of these years UAA will finish in the top five". Yours is informative...his is just worth a morning chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Lee was the only one from Edina last year to be named to an All-State First Team. Both in the Pioneer Press and He also scored 25 of his 32 goals not playing with Budish and Everson. Without Budish, Everson will have to do more than finish but it will allow Everson a chance to prove his ability. Despite playing football and playing in 6 less games in the Elite league, Everson had one more point than Lee. CSS also has Lee ahead of Everson. Just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

The attendance at UAA is embarrasing. They say that 3100 is game attendance and really there is 2000 in the building. With oil at 55 dollars a barrel and many projects ahead of a sports facility it will be years and years before anything is done. The game atmoshere is bush league. And the team is a bottom feeder in the WCHA. They are off to a good start but the admin. could be the worst marketers in college sports.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is UAA in the top ten in attendance for, polar bear rodeo?

Suze said...

UAA has been averaging 3000 plus, not 2000. I go to every game, and those who try to make it sound worse than it is have an axe to grind.

Chris, I am so disappointed in your childish insults to other hockey teams such as UAA and Wisconsin.

You mentioned "It may seem odd given what I do, but I really do hope newspaper can find a way to get things together."

If you want to compare what you do to newspaper editors, you better clean things up a bit. You provide some great information, but the endless digs are not necessary.