Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'll admit I was pretty excited yesterday when I heard Doug Gilmour would be taking over coaching the Kingston Frontenacs, just because I wanted to see Out of Left Field's reaction. It didn't disappoint. Watching Kingston from afar is like following a good sitcom.

Incidentally, since we only ever hear about CHL success stories, I will point out that in looking over the Fronts roster, there are more than a couple guys--Kelly Geoffrey, Jesse Brown, Matt Kang--that would have been better served taking college offers when they came their way.

Practice is getting underway for the Minnesota boy's high school hockey season. The Rochester Post-Bulletin's Faceoff blog started breaking down the teams in the Queen City of Minnesota. Rochester Mayo looks pretty good despite losing Charlie Thauwald to junior hockey. Century still has the best fight song in the city, though.

Tickets go on sale this week for The Rocky Mountain Face-Off between Colorado State and Colorado's club team, as CSU tries to raise money to start a Division I hockey program. CSU starting a program would be interesting to see.

Denver's Tyler Bozak is having a good year.

Western Michigan's Kevin Connauton is quietly having a pretty good season. Having a positive +/- rating on Western's team is no small feat.

The Blog That Yost Built's Tim Williams got interviewed in an article about Michigan recruit Jack Campbell.

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Wade said...

While I'm all for the expansion of hockey at the DI level, particularly in the face of losing a number of programs from the ranks over the past decade (Fairfield, Findlay, Iona, et al.), I can't imagine men's hockey ascending to varsity status ahead of lacrosse. The men's lax team at CSU has won multiple national championships at the club level, and Colorado has excellent high school lacrosse, giving them a built-in recruiting base. Not to mention that adding women's lax at the same time makes for an easier sell to avoid Title IX problems. But I suppose money talks, and we'll see what transpires in Fort Collins.