Monday, November 10, 2008


College Hockey News says no conference realignment anytime soon. On one hand, I'd be surprised if we saw something major happen. On the other hand, if something major was going to happen, I don't see anybody going on the record about it, especially if this is in the very early stages.

Todd Milewski did a great job talking about the WCHA's stricter rules enforcement for USCHO. Incidentally, USCHO's coverage had kind of been lacking the past couple years, but seems much better now that they've got Todd back, and Elliot Olshansky writing for them.

The US team dominated the competition at the World Jr. A Championships. Very nice to see the US bring home a gold medal.

Hockey writer Guy Flaming was at the tournament and interviewed Seth Helgeson. He also had audio interviews with Helgesonand Danny Kristo.

Illegal Curve profiled goalie Mike Lee.

It sounds like NTDP goalie Brandon Maxwell could be signing with Windsor, who recently acquired his rights.


Anonymous said...

How can this proposed relignment not happen?? And not happen right away?? The fact that a team from the CHA gets an auto bid is the biggest joke since Randy Schmidt. If there's any integrity among the powers that be they'll get this changed pronto. Anyone who thinks realignment is a bad idea and/or shouldn't happen right away is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

looks like UW is starting the "kid in the candyshop" recruiting with goalies. Have now tried to get both Cedar Rapids goalies who are from Wisconsin to come in as walk-ons(no money left) with no promise of playing time as Goodie looks to be go-to guy and Crandall will arrive with $$$. Staff is losing confidence in Crandall so looking to fill cupboard.Who will fill the role of practice goalies who graduate.

du78 said...

USA Hockey playing hardball with Windsor and not releasing Maxwell for this season. He will join Windsor next season.