Friday, November 14, 2008

CHL Stuff

The NTDP won't be releasing Brandon Maxwell to Windsor of the OHL. It's a pretty complicated issue, but I can understand why USA Hockey wouldn't release him.

Also, Colin Jacobs signed with the Seattle Thunderbirds of the WHL. He had previously committed to the NTDP for next season. I'm not super-surprised by this move. Given that he's represented by CAA(the same people that represent The Jonas Brothers!), I could see them wanting to push whatever is perceived to be the faster track, rather than toiling in relative anonymity in Ann Arbor. Jacobs definitely has a lot of potential, but a very long ways to go before reaching it. Hopefully he can develop that in Seattle.


Donald Dunlop said...

You can understand why they won't release him? I'd love to hear why.

USA Hockey Select teams at any level don't exist for competitive purposes in a league. They exist for development (both individually and nationally).

There are PLENTY of kids that didn't get selected that could come in and fill the hole of a departing kid. Allowing the kid to choose his own development path is called "Freedom" ... I think there's a thing in the U.S. Constitution that says something about "Freedom".

If USA Hockey felt a specific kid was necessary for some international tournament then they'd select him and whatever club he was playing for would release him to play for his country.

This smacks of the politics of protectionism. I wouldn't be surprised if any kid that might consider going to Canada would think twice before accepting an offer to play for USNDT. And they should.

Granted that kids who are considering the Canadian development route probably ought to have the integrity to stay away from the USNDT program but denying one the option just isn't how things are supposed to work in America.

It reminds me a bit of the Herschel Walker situation years ago when he came out of college and the NFL told him he couldn't play. Had Herschel decided to go to court against the NFL he certainly would have won.

Regardless of whatever exit clause is in this kids agreement with the USNDT I'd imagine he could find relief in court.

As an American I'm a bit ashamed that my country's premier development program acted this way.

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed of the USA NTDP program as well. However I am ashamed because the people in Ann Arbor can't get it right. They fall in love with talent - regradless of the baggage it might bring. This Maxwell kid has dual citizenship and his dad is a coach in the OHL - why did AA take him to begin with? Of course he was gonna leave. Same thing might happen with some of the kids on the U-17 team. I find pleasure with the defections and the problems that the NTDP program has - 'cause they bring it on themselves.

Kramer said...


Perhaps you were asleep during your high school civics class or perhaps you reside in one of those low information states; but even assuming that the US constitution contained the word "freedom" (which is doesn't), it really has no bearing here. If one is to believe the blog, this is, by all accounts, a private dispute between two parties to a contract. Depsite its name, USA Hockey is NOT a governmental entity. The only thing that's relevant is the concept of a breach of a contract, a written agreement between two parties, which the Maxwell family understood when it signed the contract with the usntdp. They do have an out; to repay the subsidy they were granted for what is ostensibly a very expensive all expenses paid high school hockey scholarship. Given Maxwell's age, it's a mystery why he must suddenly leave one team (in mid season) in order to join another. At his age, he still has two full seasons of eligibility left AFTER this year, to go to the ohl and explore the path to the nhl. So please explain the great injustice that is being inflicted upon this hockey family. If it's true that the family wants out, all the ntdp is doing is expecting him to honor his agreement; they are not denying him anything; they have developed and showcased him for a year and a half. The lesson here is for the ntdp; only pick american citizens for an american team; not dual citizens who only look at the U.S. as a place of privileges, not responsibilities. That's assuming that the ntdp is truly about development; and not about showacasing talent to promote high draft picks.

Anonymous said...

I saw that Vancouver of the WHL acquired Nick Pryors rights from Kelowna so something may be happening there...I assume Vancouver must know something.

Anonymous said...

oh and donald dunlop do you advise your kids, when a better opportunity arises, to just up and leave and quit? i bet you teach your kids to be quitters. i bet you're the guy that leaves your original opportunity high and dry for a greener pasture. you should learn the word LOYALTY. usa hockey blocked the move because the kid is a GOALIE! there's 2 per team for junior teams and prep teams, leaving someone without a starting goalie and its a total trickle down effect. you actually sound like a disgruntled parent who's kid wasn't picked, sour grapes maybe? you even cited the US constitution hahahaha. let me tell you a story. my buddy tried out for the NTDP a long, long time ago, didnt make it. he played juniors and got a college ride but before he got there, he fainted and woke up in a hospital. he was seconds from his life and diagnosed with a heart disease (HCM) and never allowed to play hockey or any sport again. he realized he still had his whole life ahead of him and still has his family and he knows what life and death really means and he realized that hockey is a GAME! its fun and enjoyable and everyone should be happy to be healthy and to be able to play the game at whatever level they might playing at. so settle down donald dunlop, you're making yourself look ridiculous. you sound like a guy who would be drowning and unconscious and a life guard does CPR and revives you and in the process breaks a rib and you sue the life guard for millions. settle down and get a dose of reality.

Donald Dunlop said...

I said;
there's a thing in the U.S. Constitution that says something about "Freedom,

I didn't say it contained the word "Freedom" ...

Here's the "something about" that the Constitution does say ... (-it's in the part commonly called the PREAMBLE-)

"and secure the Blessings of Liberty"

Last time I checked my thesaurus "Freedom" and "Liberty" are synonyms (-that means they can often be interchanged as their meanings are often contextually the same-).

I didn't say USA Hockey was a "governmental" anything. And disputes between two private contactually connected parties OFTEN are resolved in court. The referenced article provides no detail about the out you describe but instead just notes that USNDT wouldn't give him a release.

So regardless of your condescending addition here; I stand by the assertion that it is a political decision. The only thing the USNDT seems to have to lose here is a minor battle in the ongoing war with the CHL. So what? Let Maxwell go and bring in another kid. How does it harm USNDT to do so?

The money they spent on Maxwell would have been spent on whatever other kid filled the spot. It's a wash in terms of money. Like I said ... they don't really seem to have anything to lose.

I did note that some responsibility lies with the kids that accept offers to play for USNDT.

I responded here because Chris often pops out these snarky CHL bashing comments but doesn't expand on them. Since he moderates the comments he obviously reads them and I was hoping that he'd explain his "understand why" comment.

Kevin said...

Donald: What's the point of having a contract for the players, let alone a contract with a clause specifically for this contingency, if the players are allowed to just do whatever they want? It would be the kind of lawsuit that's so open-and-shut it wouldn't even make the court room. It's the same principle that requires student-athletes to sit out a semester if they transfer schools, or makes people pay back the government for training/education if they abandon their military program.

I think this sends a clear message from USA hockey that they intend for their players to commit to their program for the whole year and not just be another disposable bargaining chip. Why not get the kid who wants to be there from the start, instead of dealing with players that are going to defect mid-season? Whether or not you agree with that specific strategy, nobody twisted these players' arms to play for the development team or sign a binding contract.

Anonymous said...

"You can understand why they won't release him? I'd love to hear why."

Because this kid made a binding commitment.

You'd have an argument if this had happened over the Summer, Donald. Instead it's just you tilting at retarded windmills.

As an American I am ashamed when people like you open their mouths.

Anonymous said...

donald is (as usual) embarrassing himself with his big mouth, big ego, and tiny brain. USA Hockey is hardly in the wrong for enforcing a family to live up to a contractual obligation that they had knowingly agreed to months ago. If they didn't want to live up to the contract's stipulations, they shouldn't have signed the deal. It is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake, this will put a chill in the spine of all players(and agents) who are sitting on the fence deciding whether or not to join the program......this decision will push more elite talent north of the border into the arms of the CHL.

Anonymous said...

there is something to be said for loyalty. The one article mentioned Maxwell's "representatives" - one might look at that word in the same context as "prenuptual agreement" meaning somethings bound to run amiss.

Maxwell rescinded his BC committment and, in essence, wants to quit the ntdp program. I think the "spitfires" should tie a ball and chain around his ankle upon his arrival next year.

Read Kramer's post again, give it much thought, and then read it again. He is absolutely right on.

Anonymous said...

USA let this kid play where he wants,this USA program is so full of B.S.if the kid wants to play in the OHL let him,I'm sure your so called elite team can find another goalie.It sounds like he wants to play more competitive hockey,now you see why all your players want and are leaving to play in the O

Anonymous said...

Yes- there is much to be said about loyalty. This kid AND his parents AND his advisers all knew that the NTDP was a 2 year commitment. This is not complicated - it is simple - they signed a contract - and they should honor it. He has 2 years to play in the OHL - what is the rush? Sounds to me like Maxwell realizes this, he asked the question and now he is going to stay at USA - which he should. I think all parents should teach their kids to honor the commitments they get themselves into and not jump ship at the first offer of "greener grass".

Anonymous said...

this site is about college, so if everyone wants kids to live by their committment, NCAA should move make a rule making colleges commit for four years and not allow coaches at the college level to "push" players to leave, rescind scholarships, and not live up to "verbal" contracts made in recruiting. USA programs can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Donald etal,
So it is okay that a player can leave the NTDP at any time they wish?
Well what if it was the other way around? Lets say Taylor Hall or John Tavares decided to leave their teams with 15 games left in the season to play for another team or change jerseys with the opposing team during the middle of the game.. you would be okay with that right.
Gee Donald you really have it together.
You should try to understand commitment or contract. I guess that would just be beyond your comprehension.

Anonymous said...

If there is such a thing as an internet "idiot" filter, can you install it to this blogsite, please.

If you want to play in the "O" or the "dub" go ahead - please go ahead. If you plan on using the NTDP as a stepping stone, bypass your parents and seek the advice from the most intelligent relative you have (skip anyone directly related to mom or dad.

The NTDP is not for the player (or the player's family) that is basing his/THEIR hockey decisions on what might happen in the world of hockey during the next couple of weeks.

note to "spitfires" - be prepared for Maxwell's probably request next November to re-committ to B.C. . . . . . . . or maybe play basketball

Anonymous said...

USA Hockey did the right thing.its a signed contract,Maxwell can leave the hockey program during the summer if he wishes.that is a clause in the contract.

if you let him out of that contract who's to say he won't want to play in Windsor after he has played there 2 years down the road & do the same thing ?

Anonymous said...

The comments saying about Maxwell not wanting to be in Windsor in 2 years..... He'll be in the NHL likely, or at least AHL. Obviously he sees a better opportunity in Windsor, than in the USNTDP, and he is not the first, and certainly won't be the last.

I am a Windsor fan/season ticket holder, and don't really have a problem with USA hockey not allowing him to leave if there is a contractual agreement. Not too surprised. I think USA hockey is generally anti-CHL as it is.

I look forward to seeing Maxwell next year in Windsor, and won't be surprised to see Fowler here as well, possibly Johns too. Seems like Kenny Ryan is pretty set on the college route, but if he comes too, extra bonus!!!

Anonymous said...

who is this kids advisor, fred flintsone? he's promoting this kid getting a bad rap. figure it out.

Anonymous said...

His advisor is Darren Ferris, he's a big baller.