Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update on Kampfer

The Michigan Daily cleared up some of the rumors on what happened to Michigan defenseman Steve Kampfer.

From The Daily:

University Police Lieutenant Robert Neumann said the victim was picked up and “body-slammed” to the ground by a man, who was accompanied by two other men. Neumann said police have a suspect, whom he described as a 22-year-old male University student from Ohio.
The suspect mentioned is Mike Milano, a walk-on on the University of Michigan football team. This is mildly-educated speculation on my part, but I've got a feeling the other two people with Milano were football players as well.

Obviously there's very little context to these events, but it sounds like Kampfer wasn't at fault for what transpired. According to Red Berenson:
“I can’t tell you that he did anything bad,” Berenson said. “He just was a victim.”


Anonymous said...

"He just was a victim," Come on now Red, people just don't get bodyslammed while walking down the street. Kampfer had to provoke him in some sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, get better soon, get a good lawyer and cash in.

Anonymous said...

Is the testosterone higher now days or what??? Give me a break- a fellow athelte going hay wire?
That only happens in the woods!!

Anonymous said...

No matter how it got started, that's fucked up.

Anonymous said...

"Kampfer had to provoke him in some sort of way"? I guess you busted out your Jump to Conclusions mat for that one, huh?

All accounts of the incident thus far in The Michigan Daily and The Ann Arbor News say Kampfer's *friend* had a verbal confrontation with the other group as they passed by. There is nothing from eyewitness accounts that say Kampfer said anything to them.

Two men walked away, then Milano attacks Kampfer from behind. I would think if Kampfer was provoking him, he would have been ready for a fight, not attacked from behind. Kampfer sounds like an innocent bystander who this nut job took his aggression out on.

Anonymous said...

Not to condone these actions but I have played against Kampfer for the past few years and know people around him daily...he is a complete prick and trash talker.

That's not to say he should have had this happen to him, more so that i'm guessing he was running his mouth at some point.