Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Michigan Thin on D

Michigan started this season with first round draft NHL draft pick Chris Summers playing forward rather than defense. That luxury was short-lived, however.

Brandon Burlon, a second round NHL draft pick last summer, missed last weekend's games with a twisted ankle and will miss at least next weekend's important series with Northern Michigan.

Mark Mitera, as mentioned earlier, will miss most of the season with a knee injury. Mitera has the option between just rehab, and possibly playing with a knee brace this year, or getting surgery, which will take longer to recover from. Given the high probability of a future NHL career, I think he'll get surgery.

And finally, defenseman Steve Kampfer was injured in an off-ice incident late Saturday that will keep him out for a considerable amount of time. There are crazy rumours abound about what happened, but the one constant seems to be that he got into a fight with somebody and got his skull cracked.


Anonymous said...

Will we find out what happened to Kampfer or will medical confidentiality prevent this?

I assume if a crime was committed there will have to be an investigation which may become public. I really hope he's okay. It's already been a tough enough year for Michigan sports.

Anonymous said...

Milano, while apparently a thug, remains the crown jewel of the Pepperidge Farms cookie line-up, veritably "The perfect balance of exquisite cookies and luxuriously rich dark chocolate."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. As a Gopher fan it's hard to root for Michigan, especially on Maize's blog. But, I hope Kampfer gets better and is back on the ice playing soon. I hope they get someone for what happened, seems clear cut if the witness was telling the truth.