Thursday, October 02, 2008

CCHA Season Preview

Here's my league-wide preview for the CCHA. I probably should have posted this earlier in the week, since it's pretty similar to the stuff that came out of CCHA Media Day.

Projected Order of Finish

1. Notre Dame
2. Michigan
3. Miami
4. Michigan State
5. Ferris State
6. Northern Michigan
7. Bowling Green
8. Ohio State
9. Nebraska-Omaha
10. Alaska
11. Lake Superior
12. Western Michigan

All-CCHA 1st Team

F-Aaron Palushaj, Michigan
F-Erik Condra, Notre Dame
F-Dion Knelsen, Alaska
D-Mark Mitera, Michigan
D-Kyle Lawson, Notre Dame
G-Jeff Lerg, Michigan State

All-CCHA 2nd Team

F-Jacob Cepis, Bowling Green
F-Carter Camper, Miami
F-Ryan Thang, Notre Dame
D-Ian Cole, Notre Dame
D-Zach Redmond, Ferris State
G-Jordan Pearce, Notre Dame

All-Rookie Team

F-Carlo Finucci, Alaska
F-Zac Dalpe, Ohio State
F-Daultan Leveille, Michigan State
D-Chad Billins, Ferris State
D-Greg Pateryn, Michigan
G-Connor Knapp, Miami

Player of the Year-Jeff Lerg, Michigan State
Rookie of the Year-Zac Dalpe, Ohio State


gofalcons said...

Not much to argue with there although I put NMU and BG higher and Miami and Ferris lower. Within each third of the standings it's pretty much a toss up anyway.

I agree with Cepis being on the 2nd team, I don't know how the league overlooked him. If Connor Knapp isn't the best freshman goalie in the league Miami could be in for a long year. They lost ALOT of talent over the summer.

Anonymous said...

chris summers will find his way onto all-league

Anonymous said...

NMU at 6th with no mention of Mark Olver. Obviously you missed something here. You may know the WCHA but it appears you know only what you read of the CCHA, much like the media.

CCHA Coaches: NMU 4th
CCHA Media: NMU 5th
Inside College Hockey: NMU 3rd

Anonymous said...

Ferris finished tough, but I'm not yet a buyer. They will be in the middle third, with BG, Miami, and UNO.

Cepis got snubbed, he'll have 40 points. Summers is brutal, and everyone in the league knows it. Michigan was so strong that Summers didn't stick out as badly as he should have.

Northern is the team to watch, they have alot of potential. Miami is the bust, they lost a ton.

James said...

Greg Pateryn on the all rookie team over Brandon Burlon? I'm not sure Pateryn is going to get the ice time to do it. In fact, barring injury, I think he'll rarely play.


Anonymous said...

greg pateryn got cut from the world junior camp this summer...he'll have a hard time making the all-rookie team

Anonymous said...

wow connor knapp on all-rookie team??? the only reason he didnt get lit up in the ej is because his team was stacked. no way will he perform in D1.

thecollegehockeyblog said...

Personally I think Northern should be a bit higher, and I would flip flop Michigan and Notre Dame, but that's probably just nitpicking. It will be interesting to see whether or not Sauer has turned the corner, though.