Thursday, September 25, 2008

Comment Redux

Why no CCHA previews?

I'm not saying anything bad about the CCHA as a league, and I'm not saying that there isn't anybody out there interested in the league, but I don't really feel like knocking myself out cranking out 12 previews that considerably fewer people would be interested in. Most season previews are exercises in endurance and I'm having a hard enough time getting through 10 WCHA previews.

RE: Nick Pryor

It sounds like Pryor's reasons for de-committing weren't because of academics, as I'd guessed. He's reportedly looking at other WCHA schools.

RE: Recruit Star Rankings

Maybe. I know people enjoy them because of their simplicity, but it's something I hate doing because of it's simplicity. It's hard to take something so complex and break it down to a single simple number.

You forgot Kevin Touhy on the Shattuck roster.

I forgot Kevin Touhy on the Shattuck roster. His name never made it from my sheet to the computer. I don't know who is on any of the other Shattuck teams.


Anonymous said...

what other wcha schools for pryor??

Anonymous said...

wait, what happened to the "gentlemen's" agreement in this league?

Anonymous said...

you should do the star rankings for sure.... that was my favorite post....its fun to look at that stuff.

vizoroo said...

Maybe Wiercioch started a trend.