Thursday, July 17, 2008

Select 17 Festival

I've finally finished my Select 17 Festival Camp report. Overall, there were some excellent players at the camp, despite some of the "big names"(Fowler, Morin, Maxwell) not participating. I was there for the games on Wednesday and Saturday, and solicited a few opinions from people that were there on other days. As usual, comments on goalies are extremely thin since it's hard to judge with such a small sample size.

You can read my thoughts on individual players here.

My top 5 forwards for the camp were:

1. Zach Budish
2. Drew Shore
3. Ryan Walters
4. David Valek
5. Kyle Beattie

And the top defenseman:

1. Collin Bowman
2. William Wrenn
3. Beau Schmitz
4. Nick Leddy
5. Tyler Amburgey


Anonymous said...

Pretty good report but in my opinion...
Top 5 forwards:
1. Drew Shore
2. Zach Budish
3. Cody Murphy
4. Ryan Walters
5. Steven Whitney

Top 5 defenceman:
1. Nick Leddy
2. William Wrenn
3. Dan Furlong
4. Beau Schmitz
5. Mark Alt

Anonymous said...

1. Budish
2. Shore
3. Whitney
4. Beattie
5. Sitterly

1. Wrenn
2. Leddy
3. Schmitz
4. Mattson
5. Bowman

Anonymous said...

Top 5 forwards
1.Drew Shore
2.Zach Budish
3.Beau Bennett
4.Stephen Obarzanek
5.Tyler Brickler

Tope 5 defence
1.Beau Schmitz
2.William Wrenn
3.Nick Leddy
4.John Ramage
5.Mark Alt

Anonymous said...

Best forwards at the Select 17 Festival were...

Tyler Brikler
Zach Budish
Steven Whitney
Tyler Pitlick
Jake Goldberg

Best Defense were...

Nick Leddy
William Wrenn
Dan Furlong
John Ramage
Beau Schmitz

Anonymous said...

how was chris mccarthy? he was a top scorer at the camp and I never thought that he was a legitemate blue chipper.

Ryan said...

Tyler Brickler one of the best? You'd think if that were the case, he would be on a USHL squad right now.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that Josef Pontasch led the entire tournament in scoring and no one listed him as one of their top five forwards. The kid is a very, very good player that always seems to fly under the radar

Anonymous said...

A nice add would be to list the players "On the Rise" based on performance at the camp.....

1) Brad Robbins
2) Beau Bennett
3) Caleb herbert
4) Chris McCarthy
5) Josef Pontasch

1) Brendon Rempel
2) Daniel Broussard
3) McKinley Bennett
4) Michael Montrose

This seems more interesting for discussion than continuously talking about the ususal suspects that regularly get their share of publicity.

Ryan said...

Beau Bennett apparently garnered some attention, as Omaha picked him up.

Anonymous said...

Brickler is a skilled forward and rumor has it that the Stars wanted more of the grinder, tough guy player. Look for this kid to land on another USHL team. Every coach, staff like different players for different roles.This kid isn't the first that has had to find his way in the USHL and gone on to prove himself. Camp shows he still is an exceptional player.

Anonymous said...

What about Sean Little out of Wisconsin. He was selected for the U18 National team, was in the top 25 scoring and played like he was pissed off at the world.

6>1 said...

No Nick Mattson? How is that possible?

Kramer said...

pretty hard to rate any one here; not only was talent incredibly diluted but officiating was a joke; cut the number of teams in half and then you'll see who performs against quality vs. who shines against mediocre talent.

Anonymous said...

Top 5 forwards:
1. Zach one close to this young man's hands and puck control in traffic. Man playing against boys.
2. Cody Murphy...tireless worker never takes a shift off.
3. Steven end talent!
4. Tyler Brown...OHL experience showed.
5. Tyler Pitlick...Big and strong.

Top 5 Defensemen:
1. Beau Schmitz...will be welcome addition to Hunter's club in the OHL.
2. Patrick Wey...Big, strong skater, that sees the ice at a very high level and moves the puck quickly!
3. Paul Phillips...Strong skater and moves well with puck intraffic.
4. Brendan Rempel...very raw but came to play on every shift throughout the tournament.
5. Nick Leddy...just works hard and scores points!

I think this is a very strong class of defensemen that will show well in the coming years. All my choices obviously exclude NTDP players.