Saturday, June 07, 2008

TI Pair Commits to Wisconsin

Two players from the Team Illinois AAA program, forward Michael Mersch and defenseman Frankie Simonelli, have both committed to Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

Clarke is gonzo from No Dak.... Take that Sioux Hicks!

If this happened to the Gophers; you would say he didn't want to play for Lucia....wouldn't you.

I guess you precious program can lose guys like this too....hahahahaha.

Chuck Schwartz said...

No, they wouldn't say that because it's not true. He only committed to UND for negotiation rights.

When Minnesota lost Mueller it was because he wasn't smart enough to get into school.

Anonymous said...

this is about the two illinois kids who commited to wisconsin. not schools where the average SAT score is about 500. The two are very talented but i think that even know mersch is smaller he will be a dynamite player because of his skating ability and smarts. Simonelli sometimes shies away from contact for being a "power forward." However, wisconsin picks up two very good prospects so congratulations to them even amongst their Title IX problem.

Anonymous said...

wow anonymous, you are an idiot. mersch is a power forward with good hands and a good shot. Where you got the idea that he is "smaller" and that his skating ability is one of his strengths i have no idea. also simonelli is a defenseman. so why don't you get your story straight before you talk. that way you won't look like an idiot like you just did.

Anonymous said...

anonym. 10:28

You might wanna reread the laws regarding Title IX. It's not related to number of participants. It's based on scholarship funding proportional in each gender. So if 3 hockey players are on partial scholarship that equal one, the women's soccer team doesn't have to add 2 players to balance each other out.

So if the men's hockey team has 20 scholarships divided among 25 players and the women's hockey team has 20 scholarships divided among only 20 players, this would be in compliance with Title IX since they both received equal scholarship funding.

Kramer said...

thank you Anon @ 12:16; where do these people get their info !! perhaps the host of this blog should have an idiot filter installed.

Anonymous said...

any D1 hockey program is allowed only 18 scholarships so your crediablity is questionable in making corrections on any issue. Not all programs fund all 18 scholarships either. if you are correcting people about Title IX try to be close to accurrate about the basics.

Anonymous said...

Title IX does apply to roster spots too. If men's hockey is allowed a number of roster spots women's program has to be allowed same number. Since everyone on team gets some money to allow for training table then scholarship money could be in conflict with roster spots. Until information on all the issues is understood stay off the boards.

Anonymous said...

UW men's hockey: Malnory gets WCHA award
Todd D. Milewski —
Former Wisconsin director of hockey operations Rob Malnory has been given the WCHA Distinguished Service Award.

Malnory spent 27 seasons with the Badgers as an equipment manager and director of hockey operations. He and outgoing Minnesota-Duluth equipment manager Rick Menz were given the award.