Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hastings Hired by Minnesota

Long-time USHL coach Mike Hastings was hired by Minnesota to fill the assistant coaching vacancy left by Mike Guentzel.

Hastings is the USHL's winningest coach with over 500 victories over 14 seasons.


Anonymous said...

This is certainly an interesting hiring.

Mike Hastings is a great coach, a good guy and of course has a great resume as far as being a winner at the USHL level. Now having said of all that, Hastings was also the guy calling the shots in Omaha.

It'll be fascinating to see if egos get in the way of what could become a good working relationship between Hastings and Lucia.

gmf1a said...

Of course Hill was a head coach too

Jack Sprat said...

Also, Hastings was in Hammy's "top two". That says a lot right there. {roll eyes here]

That guy sure thinks he's somebody, eh?

Anonymous said...

When will Hastings be pushed out by Lucia. That's what he does.

Anonymous said...

Seems like an excellent hire for the Gophers.