Thursday, May 08, 2008

Departure News

There hasn't been much in the way of signings in the past few weeks, but there has been some news.

Wisconsin defenseman Jamie McBain will be staying in Madison for one more year. That's pretty big news for Wisconsin, since McBain will be the only upperclassmen on the blueline for the Badgers next season. It's also probably a smart move on Carolina's part, because McBain should get a ton of ice time all situations for the Badgers.

Denver sophomore-to-be Tyler Bozak also confirmed that he will be staying in school next year. Normally, I wouldn't think it's a great idea for an undrafted free agent to turn down a contract offer after a great season like Bozak had, but in this case, it might not be a terrible idea. If Tyler Ruegsegger and Rhett Rakhshani return for Denver, the Pioneers should have the league's best scoring trio and Bozak could have a great year.

North Dakota's T.J. Oshie hasn't signed yet, but the Blues want him to sign. It seems pretty likely that Oshie will sign in the next week or two.

Minnesota's Blake Wheeler is negotiating with Phoenix, and it seems pretty likely that he'll also sign.


Anonymous said...

For all the whining and excuses for losing season of players signing pro contracts and leaving college early,(then they go on to brag about the NHLers they develop) these coaches also need to take responsiblity for the student athletes they either force out due to sitting them or by taking scholarships away. Seems like many of these student/athletes have become the victim of coaches who have forgotten the COLLEGE side of college sports and are abusing a system in which the athletes are not protected by contracts or a union. With talk of changing rules for NHL signings perhaps Student/athletes should push for a union and contracts lasting more than the one year.

6 > 1 said...

Anon 2:52, Care to name names instead of making vague, blanket accusations? And once you've named names provide some sort of source or quotes to back up what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

Then should we change the rules and expectations of coaches to win? The pressure to win year after year leads to these decisions. We are forcing coaches into a very bad position if we take away their ability to bench or sit a player.

A student is given a free education and you want them to have the power of a union too? It's no wonder some of our athletes appear to be spoiled brats.

Anonymous said...

Free education? at what costs? BU's Bennett most recent. Benching for non-preformance one thing, pulling scholarships, and forcing kids out of an educational program another. Coaches should recruit well enough to avoid these issues or be forced to honor their financial committments to these kids. Do coaches have to sit out of work for a year if they don't win and lose their contract, no they are bought out and given the golden parachute. No wonder coaches do this to the student/athlete because they can without any consequences.

Anonymous said...

Oh these poor coaches who make more than the president of the country coaching hockey at some of these universities. And to think they are expected to recruit and coach and have some sense of integrity. gotta feel for them.

Anonymous said...

Beaverson signs with Florida Panthers

Anonymous said...

Yes because the CHL NEVER EVER has a kid not work out that sits the end of the bench and ends up leaving over playing time.

The venom from the CHL crowd is scary. To actually troll a college hockey blog and on a post about kids that are leaving early from the NHL, to go off on a tangent about kids getting pushed out is psycho. Go get some meds for your mental problems from your beloved socialist health system fast before you hurt someone.