Friday, May 30, 2008

Combine Update

TSN had some updates from the NHL Combine.

So far, BU's Colin Wilson has had the best performance. I don't think it's a coincidence that he's the one player with a year of college hockey, and a year in a college strength program, under his belt. Wilson did 21 reps on the bench press, which is very impressive. It may not seem like a lot since they're only benching 150 lbs., but players have to keep perfect form and cadence, which results in a lot of players getting very low scores.

Aaron Ness and Brandon Burlon have also drawn good reviews. UMass recruit John Carlson also did well, though apparently he's been telling people at the combine that he's going to be playing for the London Knights next year. Two DU recruits, Joe Colborne and David Carle were mentioned as players that struggled.


Anonymous said...

21 reps at 150 is a lot. especially for 18yr olds.

Anonymous said...

That was a biased post. You failed to mention Zach Bogosian was equally impressive and played in the OHL(major junior). Zach spent his past summers working out at the ACC (in Ottawa) with fellow NHL players. A lot of the player's strength/conditioning has to deal with his own commitment to the gym.

For example, Doughty had only recently lost his baby fat in time for the combine. This indicates that he didn't care as much about his conditioning until the last minute.

So it really comes down to the character and the natural build of the prospect.

Another example, Patrick Eaves (a smaller guy) STILL struggles in the strength department (hence all the injuries and his subsequent trade to Carolina), despite having 3 years of NCAA hockey at Boston College with a strength and conditioning program.

Just something to think about.

NCAA and CHL are both good options and it'd be great if you acknowedged it.

Anonymous said...

YOU ALSO FORGOT TO MENTION TO DEATH OF LUC BOURDON, FROM THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS. He passed away Thursday afternoon near his hometown.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising, you didn't mention this:

3:11 - We have a new workout star, Zach Bogosian of the Peterborough Petes, who is ranked second in North America by the CSB. It's hard to say who was more impressive, Colin Wilson or Bogosian, but suffice to say both were outstanding.

Bogosian did 19 on the bench and 60 sit-ups, which was the most seen by TSN (though we did not see everyone). Most impressive was his work on the bike. There are a series of trainers here and they constantly shout "encouragement" at the riders as they ramp up the VO2 Max test. Most players just put their heads down and pedal, but not Bogosian. He was very vocal, giving it back to the trainers as though they didn't have enough resistance on the bike to hold him back. He dropped jaws all around the room with that performance. When Bogosian did his vertical jump, one scout shouted out an expletive in pure marvel. He really got up there.

I guess not only "college players" in the "college weight room" can get strong, Major Junior players work out also...

Oh ya, Zach wasn't good enough for the USA U20 Team??? What a joke..

I wonder if the Moderator will let this comment through??

Ryan said...

I think Chris has mentioned multiple times that the NCAA route is not for every player and that the CHL route is better for some players. But then again, this is a college hockey blog and he's not obligated to report or say nice things about the CHL :)

Anonymous said...

Clue.. there Sherlock. This is a college hockey blog? Would it not only make sense that the news focuses on players pertaining to College Hockey?

444 said...

It is official John Carlson is headed to London.

Anonymous said...

Aw comon!

I find it incredibly amusing that the CHL fans get their sphincters all knotted up when a COLLEGE HOCKEY BLOG promotes COLLEGE HOCKEY or COLLEGE HOCKEY BOUND players over CHL players.

Bogosian is great. He did well. He has ZERO college hockey eligibility. So, in that regard, that's nice but he's outside the scope of this blog.

Good to know CHL fans' reading comprehension scores are as high as NCAA fans....wait... I take that back.

Far North said...

This is what Chris wrote:

"So far, BU's Colin Wilson has had the best performance."

That comment was posted at 12:35 p.m. -- before Zach Bogosian's group had its workout. So it's hardly fair to condemn Chris as "biased" for that statement.

I really enjoy WCH -- keep up the good work, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Colin Wilson, the two years before he went to BU he was at NTDP, the coaching may not be top notch but their weight program is very good